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The why-they-dos

1. Prevention for profit

This reason relates to the construction and manufacturing industries. For millions of employees and on-site contractors, there’s a risk of accidents. Very costly.

The Health and Safety Executive estimated that in 2011, reportable injuries cost companies £6000 per accident and that there were 200,000 of them. Like any accident, these could have been prevented.

For this reason, customised safety videos are now a major prevention tool. They explain what can happen, what the consequences can be and how to stay safe.

They have employees, contractors and managers explaining and endorsing safe systems and behaviours and every contractor sees them before starting on site. CONTRACTOR INDUCTION VIDEOS H&S VIDEOS

2. Explaining the invisible

Speech is a wonderful thing, but there are some topics that need a picture to be fully understood.

Modern video with motion graphics and animation can represent complex or abstract ideas like no other medium. They communicate with picture sequences.

Each picture carries an idea and the sequence gets across a lot of information quickly in a visual and verbal language your audience understands.

It’s a seamless, structured message. TAKE A LOOK AT A FEW

3. Becoming Number 1

In a niche market, word of your superiority will spread quickly, especially if you can show why you are the best. The plaudits of customers and peers can accelerate this process.

At your industry conferences, a great video to support and summarise your presentations makes your achievements memorable. It showcases you on the industry stage. CASE STUDY

4. Making a culture change

Cultures build over time, but sometimes a new direction is called for that needs to be quickly implemented.

It may be driven by legislation, the competitive marketplace or people’s changing response to the workplace. If it’s changing a workforce culture, the message has to be well thought out, intelligently presented, consistent and people-based.

It may have to work in many countries and languages for tens of thousands of employees and contractors doing a wide range of different jobs.

Here’s where video comes into its own as a global communication medium. It can deliver the message across the entire workforce in days.

Results can be spectacular and satisfying. HERE’S AN EXAMPLE.

5. Making the website work better

After a few seconds, visitors leave websites in droves. Typically, they never get past the home page. They ‘bounce’.

Get 600 visitors a day and 300 will leave immediately. In contrast, when the homepage has a web video, people click and watch. They prefer watching video to reading.

On video, they get your whole message in 60 seconds or less. They see a well told story that matches their need and looks great. It is convincing and trustworthy. They are primed to contact you.

This is the effortless, modern way of finding new business. WEB VIDEO

6. Letting customers do the talking for you

Why are customers so good at selling for you?

Reason 1: They use your product every day, so they can vouch for its effectiveness and ease of use.

Reason 2: They enjoyed doing business with you and know your service is reliable.

Put them in front of a camera with a professional interviewer and in one session you have the makings of a brilliant testimonial.

Pass on the footage to a top editor and a graphics expert and you have two minutes of compelling praise you can show to anyone, anywhere. WATCH VOICESAGE TESTIMONIAL


The why-they-don’ts

1. I don’t know how run a video project

You don’t have to. That’s what an experienced producer is for. They plan every step of the project.

They’ve worked in your industry, with companies like yours, on topics you are familiar with. They will match your message to your audience. They know them well.

Their business insight comes from years of experience.

If you’ve no time to take on the project yourself, delegate it to someone within the company who is orderly, smart and enthusiastic. Four weeks later, your video will be ready to show.

2. I can’t see the benefits

If you’ve never made and used a business video, the benefits may seem nebulous, not really measurable.

Business video is a communication tool and like all tools it will do a job for you. It can represent you at a sales pitch, capture visitor attention at an exhibition or support you at a conference.

It can welcome contractors to your site and make sure they know what is expected of them. It can graphically explain everything from a building project to new software.

It will recover your modest outlay of time and money many times over.

3. We tried video and it didn’t work

Times change. Twenty years ago business video was in its infancy.

Ten years ago distributing it was the problem. Five years ago you couldn’t measure results properly.

Today, quality is great, distribution easy, prices right down and experienced producers have accumulated years of business insight.

Take another look. There’s a reason why companies are increasingly communicating with video.

4. I’m not video literate

Actually, you are. You watch TV, you rent movies, you surf YouTube. So do work colleagues and customers. Collectively, we are a knowledgeable audience.

Video literacy in the business community is especially on the up because today video is their communication medium of choice. Put it out there and they will watch.

As long as it gets your message over effectively and is well made, you will always find an audience for your business video.

5. It will probably date very quickly

Today this is not a problem. Modern digital production processes makes updating videos quick and easy.

Like any of your products or services, your video will have a life cycle. Your producer can advise you on the best way to make it, and keep it, contemporary.

The important thing is to know from the outset what you want the video to achieve for you. Make the video, see the results. When you want more results, refresh it or make another one.

The process starts with a conversation with the producer about your business objectives. He or she will look at your business, your industry and your audience and tell you what will work best for you.

They may also offer some insights about your marketplace and audience.

6. We can’t afford it

You will probably be amazed at today’s prices for customised business videos, and how quick the payback time is.

Once you know what you want it to achieve, the cost of your business video can be tailored precisely to your budget. You can see beforehand what typical videos like yours cost and where their payback came from.

Just ask an experienced producer who has made hundreds. They will know what works for your industry.

Hiring the right producer will be the start of a long term business relationship. Their know-how will make you money, save you money and help you grow your business.


If any of these reasons ring a bell, get in touch. Talking helps.

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