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We all know that the business of 2012 needs a web video as part of its marketing campaign.

But the web video itself needs to be marketed – your potential customers and clients need to know it exists.

After all, it’s not much use if people don’t see it.

So how do you market your web video and – if it’s already being marketed – what improvements can you make?

Here a 6 really quick ways to improve your web video marketing.

1. Post about the video in your blog

Hopefully, you’ll have a website blog – one that’s read by many people.

btw – HubSpot research indicates companies that blog generate 55% more website visitors than companies that don’t blog.

So turn your reading audience into a viewing audience by writing about the video and providing a link to it.

It will be a nice visual change from plain text posts for your readers!

2. Contact bloggers

If your video was professionally made and engaging, then it’ll be good enough for others to talk about.

Or even write about.

Bloggers are always looking for fresh, interesting content.

So contact industry bloggers to write about it and not only will you get more views but you’ll get those valuable external links.

3. Upload the video to YouTube

Of course, you should have your own player on your homepage.

But uploading to YouTube (and other video sites) is free – and you should take advantage of this – though always remember to link back to your website.

This will widely increased your potential video audience – way beyond your website.

And when you consider the added SEO benefits you can get from doing this, there’s no real reason not to do it.

4. Post the video on Facebook & Twitter

Social networking is invaluable when it comes to getting your message out.

So, whilst you’re sharing your thoughts, share your web video.

It quickly shows your existing customers (and potentials) something new!

5. Add it to your email newsletter

People don’t read text anymore.

And why should they when they can watch your web video instead?

It will be a welcome change from all of that Spam.

Here’s a quick fact to prove what we’re saying:

“When marketers used the word “video” in an email subject line, open rates rose 7% to 13%” (Experian 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report).

6. Write a press release

You’ve spent time and money on your video, so it definitely deserves some sort of announcement.

Put it into a well written press release and make the fact that it needs to be seen official.

Then don’t forget to send the press release to any trade specific news sources.

6 easy ways to improve your web video marketing

To summarise:

1. Post about the video in your blog

2. Contact bloggers

3. Upload the video to YouTube

4. Post the video on Facebook & Twitter

5. Add it to your email newsletter

6. Write a press release

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