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If you’ve had your marketing video for a few years, it’s easy to take it for granted, thinking it’s still doing the same job it did for you when you first got it produced.

Not so. A lot has changed.

Take a look at the following 6 compelling (we think) reasons to review & update, and see where you fit in.

1- Increased Differentiation

5 years ago you may have had your industry sector quite secure on the web.

However with internet marketing becoming more fiercely competitive you have to make greater efforts to differentiate yourself from other businesses in your market.

Ask yourself:

> What’is the difference between me and similar companies offering related services and products?

> Can customers see this difference clearly in our video?

> How much of what we say in our video is being said by competitors?

You need less of a ‘Me too’ marketing approach (which many businesses adopt) and be sharper, more forward thinking, by anticipating what others will say, and positioning yourself ahead of them.

The solution is a new compelling marketing video, rescripted to clearly define you as different & better.

2 – Shortened Homepage Version

You’ve got a 4-5 minute Marketing Video that works fine for your sales people in meetings where they have a potential customer’s full attention.

But 5 minutes is too long for a home page web video.

Home page first time visitors don’t have the attention span and more often than not they will click away from the video early and the whole video will rarely be watched.

The solution is to have your existing 5 minute video edited down to 2 minutes runtime – or less – and then have it implemented prominently on your homepage where it’ll attract the most interest and generate the most buzz.

3 – New Niches, Sectors & Markets

The old video included a quick ‘scope & capability’ of the areas you work in.

Since then you’ve branched out with more services being offered, but potential customers may be less aware of these services because they aren’t mentioned in the video.

This is very relevant in technology markets where the speed and growth may make last year’s message look increasingly out of date.

4 – Re-branding

You’ve just gone through a business-wide rebranding – or perhaps you’ve been bought-out by a different brand.

Either way, your video needs all the graphics updating so that the video incorporates your new corporate style.

5 – New Enhanced Website

You’ve spent time, money and planning getting your new enhanced website up and running, but without updating the video, you’ve not finished the job.

Get your video to reflect your new sophisticated e-presence and bring you into 2014.

6 – Stop your salesforce becoming stale

In spite of these ecommerce days, there are still a lot of companies dependent on their field sales force.

And your sales reps have probably been showing customers the same sales video for the past few years.

The video still performs, but whether it’s because you’ve still got it on an old non-widescreen 4:3 ratio video, or the script isn’t quite as forward thinking or differentiating as your current marketing message, you know it doesn’t make the same impression that it used to.

Time to get the video updated to give your salesforce an extra boost.

Last Thought

Updating your existing video is one story.

But you can always take the market by storm by producing 5 videos that show every aspect of your products & services like no other.


Whatever your reasons – whether you need to

> differentiate more strongly,

> or need a shorter home page video,

> or catch up with a rebrand or major website update,

> or simply pep up your salesforce, it’s unwise to let your marketing video update slip by.

It’s probably marketing video update time.

Get in touch with us – we can help.

Or see other Marketing videos we’ve produced – worldwide.

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