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When Ridley Scott, arguably the greatest living British film director, goes out to shoot he takes with him, as standard, three cameras to film each scene, and does 3 takes per shot.

Yet in the world of corporate video, one camera is still the norm.

Which is maybe one reason why Ridley’s work looks so much better than your average corporate video.

At Studio Rossiter, we nudged our way to towards reproducing the movie set, by upgrading our shoots to 2 cameras.

Using two cameras offers a lot of advantages for the Corporate Producer, Marketing Manager or Training Manager.

Here’s the 6 big reasons we think apply to most corporate videos productions.

1 – Interviews

When the CEO or VIP customer has to be filmed talking to camera in interview, the second camera is there at the ready taking sideways and oblique shots.

The result? The visuals feel much more in depth, as the scene cuts effortlessly from the straight-to-camera or fly-on-the-wall styles commonly used to sideways or oblique shots.

At a stroke, the image moves from static talking head to a vibrant and dynamic television-like production.

It looks like there is so much more importance & interest added to the person speaking.

Which is why the BBC use it all the time.

2 – Speed

When there’s a lot to film, 2 cameras make light work of it, with two camera operators, say, taking shots on 2 different floors or areas of your premises.

You can film twice as much in virtually the same time.

3 – Cost

In the real world of corporate filming, shoots often work out at 1½ days of actual filming, even though a 2 day shoot might have been paid for.

How does this happen?

Typically, many shoots require a day of general filming – plus a ½ day of interviews.

With two cameras are used, one crew & director can be filming the interviews while the other camera crew can be filming the rest of the footage, eg, your teams, processes, premises and procedures.

A 1 day shoot with 2 crews is significantly cheaper than 2 days filming with 1 camera.


Filming for 2 or 3 days onsite is intrusive and disruptive for you, your workforce and possibly customers.

Two cameras can reduce the onsite filming requirement to 1 day.

And this saves you a lot of interruption to your normal business workflow.


When two cameras have filmed the scenes in your corporate video simultaneously, the result is a much richer, 3D looking feeling to the final edits in your video.

Depth, realism, being-there – all of these words apply.

Like Ridley Scott we think more cameras equals better looking, finished work.

Standing Out

If your marketplace is already flooded with competitors using video, you need to think of how to look different and better – without breaking the bank.

Two cameras immediately gives many productions a better overall look, with more depth & realism.

Which may be just what you need to differentiate from the rest of your industry.


There are many occasions when 2 cameras will work out cheaper and better than one.

And it can work out faster – and look more stylish, whether for action scenes, in-store dramas, interviews, and almost anything else you can think of.

You can check out the latest 2 camera shoot samples here

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