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If you’re a marketing manager tasked with presenting your construction company in video

– then you’ll appreciate the need for powerful video shots that rivet your audience of architects, planners, developers and specifiers – your body of client.

Here are 5 surefire ways to make your video more exciting to watch.

1 – use timelapse video

A timelapse video can show the progress of a project from groundworks to handover.

It’s a small webcam positioned high up so all the key areas of the site can be seen.

It’ll run unattended for a couple of months while construction takes place.

And at the end, you have a whole wealth of time lapse footage to show the site build

– and enrich your video with.

2 – use steadicam to follow the action

Steadicam is a handheld device that allows smooth looking moving shots, such as you’ll need if you want a shot that follows someone walking around a site.

Steadicam footage has a look & feel that plunges the audience right into the action.

Imaging following a supervisor around part of a busy site, seeing all the activities from the point of view of a person walking around.

It’s so much more involving than simple camera-on-tripod footage.

Used wisely it can add real zip to your video footage.


3 – use a crane

Small portable cranes have always been a part of filming video.

They perform stunning rising and falling shots to panoramically show any large construction area in a particularly impressive filmic way.

Cranes are cheap and portable and take only 20 minutes or so to rig.

So why not add a few crane shots to your next video?


4 – use a drone


Using a quadcopter or drone isn’t expensive.

Yet it’ll provide overhead views of your site that will

> bring out its scale and size like nothing else.

> or show how close the project is to existing neighbours and buildings

> or proximity to canals and rail tracks.

These overhead views show how your planning has taken into account all the surrounding environment

– as well as show the size of the project.

A professional drone operator can easily be hired. More people should think of it.


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5 – use an extra long glidetrack

Extra long glidetrack? Who he?!

An extra long glide track is like a piece of railway track about 1.5 to 2 metres that is mounted on a tripod.

It allows the camera operator to slide the camera along the mounted track while filming a person or activity

– creating a uniquely smooth filmic effect.

Years ago actual track would have been required to be laid on the ground to achieve the smooth beautiful look of glide.

Now it’s available as a unit for any camera – any job – including yours.



You can make a difference to your next construction marketing video by doing something different.

Using a time lapse camera, a steadicam, a crane, a drone and an extra long glide track can make a powerful visual difference to your video without breaking the bank.

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