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The office of 2012 no longer has to be confined to one location.

The internet – and the sophistication and availability of modern networking hubs – has allowed the modern office worker to work from anywhere where there’s a network connection.

So, as working remotely is a relatively new thing, here are 5 top tips we thought you should know.

1. Take advantage of video conferencing software

Video conferencing software like Skype will allow you to hold a meeting with anyone anywhere.

Obviously, you need to make sure both parties are in a high bandwidth location for it to work properly – but increased investment from governments and network providers means that such a problem will soon be a thing of the past.

If video calling isn’t working, because one member doesn’t have good enough internet, you can still make audio calls with conferencing software.

2. Make good use of email

It’s a classic – something most of us use everyday.

A vital tool for any modern business, this is what allowed the remote office to exist!

Letters, articles, figures, charts … before email documents like these would have had to have been physically shown in order to achieve an instant response.

Email allowed us to communicate ‘paper-based’ information all around the world as and when we wanted to.

Quite revolutionary – so utilise it to its fullest!

3. Check time zones before calling

A morning phone call from London will wake the New Yorker up.

The world may be at your fingertips but we are still all subject to the cycles of the sun.

Avoid annoying your prospective client by acknowledging what time zone they’re in – make sure you book any telephone meetings for a time that will benefit both parties.

4. Use network office solutions

Network office solutions like Google Drive – or other cloud based services – allow workers from multiple locations to work on one document at the same time.

No need for each member to have have a copy that could be different, just one online copy that is always up to date.

This truly allows the office to be at home – and is probably the way how all small businesses will work in the future.

5. Make sure you have good network coverage

Your connection could be based on WiFi or 3G. It could even be 4G or a good old fashioned Ethernet connection.

Whatever it is – make sure it works.

A failure in your network coverage will lead to a loss of working hours could lead to a loss of money.

So make sure all are connected all of the time.

5 Top Tips For Working Remotely

To summarise:

> Take advantage of video conferencing software

> Make good use of email

> Check time zones before calling

> Use network office solutions

> Make sure you have good network coverage

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