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Making a corporate video production – whether web or DVD – isn’t a decision you make lightly.

There are a number of issues you need to consider before you commence.

Here are 5 we think you can’t live without.

1: Be detailed and specific about the objectives of the video

What exactly do you want the corporate video production to achieve for you?

How is it going to benefit your business? Is this benefit measurable? (Remember: That which can be measured can be improved)

Which areas of your business is it applicable to?

Producing a corporate video is a major undertaking – it’s important that you understand precisely how it’s going to profit your organisation.

Be specific about your objectives.

2: Have a budget figure in mind

Know what you want and how much you are willing to spend to get it.

That’s the best way to get value for your money.

And remember what value for money means – it’s more than simply getting the highest quality for the lowest possible cost.

It’s about generating the maximum profit for your business.

If you don’t have an established budget and just go looking for the least expensive option – then that’s what you’ll get – the cheapest.

Find a budget that bears some resemblance to the profit you intend to make.

3: Find a corporate video production company that adds value from Day 1

A corporate video production company that doesn’t add value on Day 1 won’t be adding value on Day 5 either – or on Day 15!

This added-value is something you need to detect from the first moment you get a response to your initial enquiry.

Added-value will make your video excel – and it doesn’t cost a bean.

How to spot lack of Added-Value: “Just tell us what you want and we’ll send you a quote!”

Added-value is more than simply having a production company that only do whatever you tell them to do. Or only do the obvious.

Without added-value you’ll lose something you never knew you lost!

4: Ensure your chosen corporate video production company can deliver on their claims

For starters, the best corporate video production company for your organisation is one that has clear expertise in your business sector.

You don’t want to spend your budget on training them up to speed, if you can avoid it.

And it’s also probably true that some video production companies will exaggerate their claims – even down to bandying the one and only buzzword they’ve memorised about your industry.

This kind of banter proves nothing.

Ensure the video company has the samples, the track record, and to support their claims. Then you can be more certain that their added-value advice is worth noting.

So check their samples. Obvious.

If they’ve made a corporate video production for a company that is similar to yours – then this helps validate their claims.

If they’ve made a few videos in your industry then all the better.

5: Use a specialist video hosting service

A lot of companies stream their videos to their homepage through web video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

This well-worn route has advantages that may seem fine – but before you commit, also consider:

> Using YouTube as your hosting service has 2 benefits – it’s free, and you get a measly amount of SEO from it.

But on the heavily loaded downside: If you use YouTube’s video player then you get YouTube’s logo and design to smear your own pristine brand.

Plus, if a viewer accidentally clicks on a youtube video that’s playing on your site, they’re instantly catapulted to youtube.

Snap – they’re gone! And you’re left counting the cost of how much you paid to get them to your site in the first place.

Remember: You’ve just spent a significant amount of time and money on creating your masterly video production – one that has embodies the distinct look and feel of your business.

Do you really want to smear your brand with someone else’s logo?

You wouldn’t put another logo on your homepage, or the side of your vans, or on your workwear.

So why do it in video?

> Using Vimeo as your hosting service

Vimeo offers a better hosting service than YouTube – mainly because it is used to play full length films (that have been translated to a digital format) as well as web videos.

But its player still comes with the Vimeo look and brand.

And – if you’re using Vimeo for business communication purposes – then you have to pay for it.

> Using a specialist hosting service

A specialist hosting service will give you your own player that’s been made to order.

So it will have the look and feel of your site and business.

And a correctly coded hosting service can also bring SEO features to your site – something that everybody values.


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