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Typically, the average software demo video is a selection of screenshots showing how your application works.

An added-value software demo video goes well beyond this simple play of screenshots

– and digs more deeply into why your customers must buy from you

– and why your proposition ought to be irresistible to them.

If you’re tasked with selling a high value B2B software package, and all its associated services

– then the added-value software demo has to be your priority

– the software developer’s priority.

Where to start

Added-value starts by thinking about your customer and their real needs.

Often there’s an education gap to be filled

– where the customer doesn’t fully understand why your package is superior

– or why & how it outperforms your competitors packages.

Different vertical markets may well have different needs

– and these markets will expect to have their particular needs amply satisfied in your demo video.

The worst approach you can take is say:

“This is our package, it’s what we do – please take a look.”

The best approach you can offer is:

“This is what you do – and this is how we help you do it better.”

The best approach focuses on adding perceived value for your clients

– and not leaving them to work it out for themselves.

5 ways to demonstrate added-value

Here’s the list:

1 – Use infographics

2 – Research your market

3 – Choose a video demo style that is memorable for your audience

4 – Choose an upmarket feel

5 – Ensure you have an international flavour

Let’s take a more detailed look.

1- Use infographics

It’s not enough to merely show how your app works.

You have to clearly demonstrate the performance gains that come from working with your software.

For these performance gains to be absorbed quickly yet memorably

– you’ll need infographics as charts, animation, or illustrations to make your point.

You need Power Images.

For example:

> to unquestionably prove why you’re better than competitors

> to ensure the productivity benefits of your software are believed

> to use powerful visuals rather than words to demonstrate key benefits

More than any other visual approach, infographics will deliver your message more powerfully & memorably.

2 – Always research

Research is always needed to help you find the edge in the marketplace.

For example, to:

– know where competitors fall short

– know what competitors are really saying

– know the difference between you & them from the client point of view.

Only proper research will guarantee you get this right.

3 – Pick a winning style

There are many different ways to present your package in video

– over and above a simple demo with screenshots.

For example:

> You can depict a day in the life of a user, and show how your app dovetails into their lives with ease, while the clock ticks throughout the day.

> You can focus on solving a particular problem that annoys your client’s industry sector

> You can pitch your video as an educational support tool, rather than a sales pitch, ie, tell-not-sell.

There are lots more alternatives to the “standard screenshot demo” approach.

You just need to think of one that outflanks your marketplace.

This is also why your clients will love you

– for making it easier for them to choose.

4 – Be upmarket

Your software demo video should big you up.

It needs an upmarket look & feel to inspire high value clients and win their trust.

This upmarket look & feel represents real added-value

– as without it, your well-heeled potential clients might look elsewhere.

5 – Be international

Software sales aren’t bounded by geographic and national barriers compared to other products.

Your video needs to look & feel international.

An added-value video producer will know how to do this for you

– ensuring you look like a serious international player

– and not a local outfit, barely out of the chief coder’s bedroom office.


Don’t make it difficult for clients to choose you.

It’s not enough to merely pitch a bunch of screenshots and hope for the best (but you knew this already!)

Added-value is what will make your video stand head & shoulders above competitors.

You have 5 tactical routes to producing an added-value demo video.

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