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Q: We are looking to record a monthly business update presentation which usually runs for about 45 minutes.

We would like slides cut into it with titles etc, to provide an exciting business update to the employees.

The presentation will be given by various members of our board.

Project Manager
Credit Card Provider



On our website you’ll see an example of the corporate styling that can be used for this type of business presentation production.

Please click the example at the bottom “Service Industry – Workforce Update”. You’ll se it about a company informing their workforce of an acquisition they made.

I’ll briefly explain the mechanics of how this was produced, as the corporate video production method has a direct bearing on cost and quality.

> All the subjects had their scripts pre-prepared in advance so delivery with teleprompt was tight and crisp. This was particularly important as the second subject might have found difficulty delivering a watchable address without a teleprompt.

> They were shot in their boardroom against a green screen so they could be dubbed over a graphic newsdesk background in their corporate style.

> This Newsdesk style also allowed captions, charts and other explanatory materials to be displayed

> In post production the subjects were all cosmeticised, as audience are privately critical of blemishes and such (even if they have them themselves!)

The final presentation was a great success and well received by their workforce.

Runtime Issue

I have one problem with your presentation spec, which obliges me to be frank with you. May I?

It concerns the runtime.

It’s not unusual for a client to think they need 45 minutes because their PowerPoint takes that long.

But on closer examination we find, without fail every time, that the 45 minutes video can be condensed down to around 15 minutes.

This 15 mins runtime is achieved by focussing closely on what needs to be said, while avoiding:

> Normal conversational waffle

> Anecdotal info

> Info with minority interest

This has worked every time, in hundreds of productions.

It also brings a number of advantages:

> It’s much cheaper

> Over a series of Business Updates, the cost saving really pays off.

> It’s tighter and crisper to watch.

> It’s easier to produce

> It isn’t boring. This is important as a modern audience will fall asleep during a 45 minute corporate video unless it’s produced to a very high standard (ie big bucks)

> The production standard is higher and more television-like as the butter isn’t spread so thinly over 15 minutes, as compared with over 45 minutes. Rather we produce a highly charged and impactful 15 minutes (or maybe less!)

> The directors themselves are better thought of (as they avoid waffle or dull detail nobody much cares about)

> The directors will prefer it as it puts less pressure on them. In 45 mins they’re bound to look less than perfect at least once!


The sort of spec you’ll be looking for to keep the video production costs low and the standard high is:

> 1 day day shoot at your premises
> Teleprompt & green screen
> Wide-angle lens for superior closeup picture (ask for this – it makes a difference)
> Camera Op and Director
> Editing & post production
> Corporately styled graphic Newsdesk theme
> Use of supplied stills
> Animated Captions

If you reduce the runtime to 15 minutes, you’ll pay less and get better quality for your business presentation video.

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