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Trust is an elusive quality for the marketing manager to deploy in video.

With it, everything flows smoothly.

For example, consider how easily and quickly repeat customers – who already trust you – buy from you.

Yet without trust, everything has to be questioned in fine detail

– which is why it’s so difficult for a 1st time customer to buy.

If you’re responsible for generating high value deals, trust becomes even more important

– as people who purchase high value contracts are usually older and more risk averse.

So how does today’s marketer inject trust into their video production?

Trust has to built in stages.

Here are 4 steps on the Trust Journey you can inject into your marketing videos.


1 – Prove your claims

It’s easy to make claims for your product or service.

It’s “quicker, easier and cheaper” – isn’t it?!

For a high value package life isn’t so simple.

In more high flown language, you’ll probably still be saying you’re “quicker, easier and cheaper”

– but the client is more likely to be thinking things like:

“I don’t 100% believe you.”


“What else aren’t you telling me?”

It’s not often someone will openly refute one of your claims to your face.

But they think it.

Which breeds lack of trust.

If you prove each of your claims quickly yet comprehensively, then you’ll be believed. You’ll make the buyer feel more comfortable

– and you’ll have taken a big step forward in terms of trust.

To demonstrate a claim, use an animated graphic or chart – or 3D visualisation – to show superior performance

– and be prepared to back up this superior performance with proof if needs be.

Show proof quickly and settle the issue.


Winning Trsut With Video Marketing


2 – Show case studies, testimonials or references

A customer might know you’ve done their job before, but there’s nothing better than hearing a happy user intelligently commenting on what your product or service is really like

– or how flexible and responsive you really are.

Case studies can work the same way.

For example, your marketing video production can briefly allude to three projects you’ve completed. This doesn’t need to be in great detail.

Something simple like:

“ABC plc completed 3 weeks early”

“DEF corporation was the largest project in the UK”

“Famous massive brand uses us”

The main thing is to show 3 examples where you’ve been trusted by people the client already respects.


3 – Write the script to a persona

A lot of marketing video scripts are written without the author really having a clear picture in their mind of who they’re writing to.

Often scripts are a general catch-all type, to ensure no one audience sector is missed out.

It’s kind of like a Scatter Gun approach.

I’m suggesting that a Sniper’s Rifle approach is more effective than a scatter gun at generating trust.

Which means getting a clear picture of the buyer in your mind first before considering the script, and thinking hard about their hopes, fears, ambitions, interests, targets, worries and so on.

We call this a Persona.

You probably use personas in your other marketing materials.

A script written with a persona in mind will sound better to the buyer, as they’ll intuitively sense you understand their needs & situation.


4 – Have style

Consider this:

If you saw two videos and one had style, and the other didn’t

– which one would you trust more?

Style matters.

And it usually costs more money.

But how impressive is style.

It automatically builds trust, which is why I’ve saved it til last.

Find an impressive style for your marketing video, a style that innately builds trust.

You pay more, but you get more.





Here are 4 key elements to build trust in video, whether you’re filming or using an impactful digital marketing video style:

  • Prove your claims
  • Use case studies, testimonials and references
  • Write to a persona, and not just Ms Scatter Gun customer
  • Always have style




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