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We all know and love infographics.

They effectively deliver information, they look great, they're enjoyable to read, and they're easily sharable too!

But how do infographics stand up against Infographic Video?

Here are 4 Great Reasons to use an Infographic Video - over a static image.

1. Each point is delivered sequentially

Infographic posters look great.

But all the various points are on one page - where the reader is free to 'pick and choose' which section they'd like to read next.

Often, an infographic will have some sort of path built into the design - a series of arrows for instance - that will help to guide the reader to the next point.

But it's only a guide - the user is free to use or ignore the suggested reading path.

A video infographic deliver information sequentially.

Which means you have much more choice on how the information is received.


2. Not an information overload

Sequential delivery comes with an additional benefit too.

> An infographic poster gives all of its information, all at once - and this can leave the reader thinking 'where do I start!?'.

> But an animated video can help to remove this initial negative reaction - by removing their option of where to start.

So this is one less decision for the viewer to make.

Enabling them to sit back, absorb the info and enjoy the design!

As most infographics are 90 seconds and under - this takes away all the potential for rambling, leaving a short animation with great content.


3. The Audio Visual Experience

A Video Infographic allows you to add the extra element of audio - that can't be part of a static infographic solution.

Although this sounds like a small addition, it can actually have a massive impact on what the audience remembers.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor OSHA Office of Training and Education -

'When audio and visual tools are combined to present a message or idea, 65 percent of that information is retained.'

They are more likely to remember the information.


4. Motion Graphics vs Still Graphics

Still graphics can be used to illustrate a point.

Their simplicity can be used to summarise the meaning of any text block in a simple way.

This is what makes graphics so effective.

However, motion graphics go one stage further - to help build a story

- showing your complete spectrum of information in a fully dynamic and engaging way, with music and voice.

This can help the viewer to gain a fully comprehensive understanding of the information you are giving them, and enjoy the process!


5. Video Infographics are very Sharable

With any infographic - still or video - the dream is always to get your beautiful new content seen by as many relevant people as possible.

Whatever your target audience is - you want your content to catch on like wildfire within that niche!

By adding the video to youtube, you increase the potential for shareability by a huge amount.

Video is shared online! There's no doubt it.

Invodo reported that 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others.

So don't be left out.


And Finally

In all honesty, these are just a few choice points about infographic video production.

With both infographic posters and infographic videos being hugely effective solutions for delivering information

- its hard to draw a line under the debate!

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