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Talking about construction video is one story, but showing examples is another.

Here are 4 very different styles of production for different construction brands

– part of our Helping Managers Make Better Video series.

One Call Hire – Impact Branding


The challenge here was to produce a video in under one minute,

> without any voiceover or narrative,

> or focus on faces & interviews

> with strong iconic branding

to show how One Call Hire’s plant hire services were involved in many major London & UK construction & civils projects.

The video used a mix of filmed footage of a digger supported by library footage from iconic locations where One Call Hire have worked.





Carillion – Scope & Capability


Multinational constructor Carillion wanted a 5 minute company presentation for face to face meetings, or interested web visitors.

This video shows how stylish graphics can be used to bring stills of iconic buildings to a special life of their own, adding drama and flair to a simple photo.

All the footage was from Carillion’s existing video assets, re-imagined for this video.


St James – Designed for Life


This marketing video was used to showcase new luxury dwellings within the re-purposed Roehampton House, SW London, as part of an overall regeneration of the area.

The audience was potential buyers of posh flats.

St James was concerned that the video wasn’t flashy, or packed with post production effects.

They wanted simple unfussy, unhurried images to deliver their marketing message to new home buyers.

The video itself was completed in super quick time – sorry, to a demanding schedule – on the lowest possible budget

– which we hope doesn’t show!



Hyder Middle East Corporate video


Hyder are an international engineering consultancy, working across the globe on civils, construction and specialist projects.

They particularly wanted to showcase their impact in the Middle East region, which has been considerable.

This 11 minute long video is used for face to face client presentations. While 11 minutes is a long time for a UK video, in the Middle East it’s more acceptable.

The video is driven by interviews with Hyder leaders, linked by professional voiceover.

It required 2 days filming in and around Dubai, with discreet post production and animated graphic support.




Showing these videos is part of our Helping Managers Make Better Video series, helping all our friends out there in industry & commerce go one better for their next video production.

If there’s something you’d like to see discussed or like to see, please comment below or on our Facebook page.

We’ll be delighted to hear from you and show more construction video examples.

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