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Marketing budgets are always too small, especially when dealing with the eternal problem of finding new budget to produce the new video ideas you have in mind.

This is where repurposing, or recycling your old corporate videos can really help.

Training, safety, marketing or corporate comms videos – it doesn’t matter which topic – are all valuable assets you can use in your latest video project.

Here are 4 routes I find the most effective in getting more life and value from older videos.

1 – Produce a short blockbuster from a long corporate video

You have one or more longer corporate videos, which you probably spent quite a bit on.

Why not use this video footage to produce a 1 minute teaser for one of your strategic web pages?

All it takes is:

> A 1 minute 100 word script, with voiceover to match, some music, and some nice motion graphic captions

– all overlaid over your old footage, regraded & edited for your new Blockbuster.

V quickly & cheaply you’ll have a new video for a fraction of the price.

2 – Enrich new videos with existing stock

If you’re planning a new video, then repurposing your old video footage can mean you need less filming, so saving money.

Even if you can’t eliminate a day’s filming, the old footage will greatly enrich your new video.

It may also reduce the cost of buying library footage, which is a common cost these days.

However you deploy your old footage, it will make your new video richer and more visually interesting to watch.

3 – Make better powerpoints

Most people get tired of their powerpoints after the first 3 months.

You old video footage can be used to enliven your powerpoints either by:

> taking short clips out of your longer videos and inserting them into powerpoint where you think they’ll usefully fit, and provide some additional visual variety

> or grabbing still frame grabs from existing video as using these stills to liven up your powerpoint, making it much richly illustrated, and more relevant to your audience.

4 – Produce more vertical market videos

One customer of mine produced a single definitive “general pitch video” of about 5 minutes runtime to explain his company’s services.

We then repurposed this original video to produce an additional 5 vertical market videos.

In each case the videos’ content was quite similar

– but because each one spoke directly to each vertical market in specific vertical market terms, it was much more relevant to the audience

– and had greater take-up because of this.

The key point is that the vertical market versions cost a fraction of what they might otherwise have cost

– and this saving was achieved simply by recycling the imagery from the original video.

Here’s a page of marketing videos that used library or repurposed footage.




The real message is that not repurposing old videos is wasteful & unachieving.

The best next action is to:

> take stock of the corporate footage you already own

> look at your newer or less well served markets

> then check off which of the above repurposing routes is likely to work best for you.

You’ll save money, and it’s the smart thing to do.

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