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Q: I would like to have a high quality DVD made which I could use as an educational tool for patients who visit my practice.

It would ideally be 7 to 8 minutes in length, and probably use 3D graphics to help explain concepts etc. with a voiceover, or perhaps myself speaking/appearing.

Could you give me a guide as to the likely costs?


A: 3D animation is expensive stuff. DVDs we’ve produced making extensive use of 3D animation have ranged from £10,000 to £33,000 which might be pricey for marketing a small-to-medium sized medical or chiropractic practice. The high price is because 3D animation is painstaking stuff. Everything has to be done in minute detail by a relatively expensive specialist animator.

As an alternative it’s also possible to buy a licence to use stock medical animations for inclusion in your DVD, which will certainly cost less than building an animated spine. But expect to haggle too over the licence price. I suspect further work by a 3D animator will still be required to adjust the bought-in anims to suit your need.

Another approach is to use 2D images of vertebrae with simpler but still descriptively accurate animation.

For example a 2D image could be animated to simple bends, with arrows to show the flow of nervous system energy, or the flow of beneficial effect, or flow of CSF. And with the addition of supporting captions you could readily explain “what’s going on”. And well finished 2D artwork will look good if carried out by a professional designer.

That’s three graphic approaches, all at different cost levels, that will work superbly within a DVD.

I’d also consider using Voxpops, ie, short video clips of happy patients endorsing what you do.

A graphic flowchart of a sample treatment programme from 1st Visit through to various stages of treatment is also a good idea, as it will help potential patients to visualise what they’re considering undertaking.

A graphic flowchart could also indicate time-against-benefit, ie, as the treatment programme progresses the patient’s quality of life improves. Obviously this is only an illustration as patients all show different levels of benefit, but it serves to implant the idea of getting well through an established course of treatment as a solution to their ailments.

Animated caption text set to music will also show the wide variety of ailments that chiropractic care can help, more than simply a bad backache, which is the popular supposition

You can see different marketing video styles here

Combining all the above ideas with standard shots of your practice – premises, consultation, treatment etc, you could probably produce an innovative and attractive marketing video for less than £10,000.

If you want to go the whole nine yards then 3D animation is nice, but budget a good few thousand more.

The important thing is that whatever video you buy, don’t buy cheap (obviously). The result will feel cheap, and while this might be okay for a widget manufacturer, it isn’t the thing for a medical or chiropractic practice.

I hope this info on medical video costs and treatments has been useful.

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