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  1. As a home page overview, explaining your business proposition, process, features or story, in a quick powerful online message.
  2. Promoting individual products, services or branding within areas of your company site. For example, 1 video for each product.
  3. To replace existing outdated flash or graphic banners.
  4. As a dedicated landing page message to convert ppc web advertising click-throughs.
  5. As a video sales message (with graphics) in your email or internet marketing campaign.
  6. Promoting schemes on the web to the public, either to win goodwill or lobby for new legislation and funding.
  7. As a link in sales emails when answering customer enquiries.
  8. Include as a bonus your powerpoint slideshow presentations.
  9. Include in your 2015 pdf brochure or brochures, replacing old materials and photography and show you’re up to date.
  10. As a series of mini online video sessions, seminars or webinars for educating customers in the use of your technical products.

    2016 Digital Video Guide

  11. To funnel customers straight to your chosen target pages, resulting in a sale or enquiry, by including interactive menu choices at the end of your sales video (like youtube)
  12. To show video case studies or films, or a portfolio of successfully finished projects – showing your years of experience within the industry.
  13. To reach a wider audience by sharing your web video on StumbleUpon or Digg as well as similar social media websites.
  14. Webstreaming customer testimonial support to prove the commercial claims you make in your web pages. Client testimonials deliver buyer confidence and quicker buying decisions.
  15. To make use of Video SEO and boost your chance of being found in Google video search, therefore winning you more visitors to your website.
  16. Include in your business multimedia presentation or demonstrations.
  17. Deliver a free online news experience to website visitors or workforce, or a body of client and public.
  18. Offer as an elearning tool, as part of an elearning suite of videos, or series of training modules, guides or tutorials, using intranet hosting.
  19. To make your website look more professional, creative and exciting than competitors. Imagine your potential customer has 5 tabs open and is comparing you with your competitors, a web video will make you stand out.
  20. Create a series of video productions or a specific project blog with the videos posted to showcase the development of a groundbreaking major project.
  21. Online team or group briefings that cut across regions, borders and world timezones.
  22. Announce news, and release details to press and media.
  23. Broadcasting end of year shareholder communications including comment by your CEO, Financial Director, and Marketing Director. either as filmed or animation
  24. As a lightweight downloadable attachment in an emails.
  25. To push your weekly / monthly / quarterly promotion, making your offer more attractive to buyers.
  26. To start a video channel, developing your consumer presence in an important and current viral way online. The same can be said for Vimeo.
  27. To regularly add as updates to a blog, sharing your company or organisations news with others easily, for example new products/ services that you offer.

  28. Offer a powerful additional and unique Customer Touch Point.
  29. Website video Q&A or faq for product / policy information, inc video e-books. Easily explain answers in 20 seconds and give your buyers confidence.;
  30. Multiple web videos to explain your products or maintenance system through the eyes of different levels of users, such as Office staff, Managers, Buyers, or Directors.
  31. To play on an Ipad or Android phone to get your vital business message across whilst on the go.
  32. Using simple ‘Plain English’ web animation to explain a product or service that you can’t physically demonstrate. For example software, equipment or technology.

How many of these 32 different ways to use web marketing video will make a positive impact on your business?

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