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Instead of the knee jerk reaction of producing a video because your competitors are all getting video

– you need to be smarter, and act with more foresight

guaranteeing you’ll beat them.

So instead of ignoring them, let your competitors teach you.

Here’s how to go about this sneakily yet systematically.

Look at the competition’s videos – properly

Go and look at your top 5 competitors’ websites and look at their videos

– with your notepad to hand so you can write down what you see for later analysis.

At each competitor site. ask yourself:

1 – How many videos do they have to show?

2 – What quality of Video Experience are they offering?

3 – What style & messages are they trying to convey?

Understanding the answers to these 3 questions will have a big impact on how you evaluate your own video strategy.


Because your job is to clearly differentiate your company’s proposition from the rest of the marketplace

– so your customers will see you as different, clear & unique

– as their only purchasing option.

Let’s look at each question in turn.

1 – How many videos do they have to show?

Quantity can matter as much as quality.

Count how many videos each competitor has available to view, then ask:

  • Do their videos cover all their product / service areas?
  • Do they let the customer dig deep? Or are their video messages fairly shallow and self-promotional?
  • Do they prove they’re the best – or merely make the claim that they’re the best?

What you’re looking for is:

  • gaps in their video inventory where they’re relying on the customer to read text off the page, instead of view a show explanatory video
  • areas where they don’t answer the technical stuff that all customers ask
  • gaps in their credibility.

Do this for your top 5 competitors and fairly soon a picture will emerge

– showing their relative strengths & weaknesses in the areas they cover with video.

The Learning Point is for you to then imagine what your own site needs

– in the light of what they lack!

2 – What quality of Video Experience are they offering?

It’s very good to count how many videos competitors offer.

But lots of videos don’t necessarily make a great video experience.

So during your competitor site visit, also note:

> where are their videos positioned on the page? In obvious places? Or buried deep?

> how are their videos presented on the page? Do they look nice? Are their titles clear or not? And what’s the overall look in how their videos are presented? Clean, imagey & modern? Or more like youtube random leftover?

Your customers are always looking for a great website experience.

And your videos are a big part of this superior website experience.

So you need each video presented clearly, with its purpose easy to spot

– and with a size and look that fits the page, and looks “significant” – rather than curled up in a corner

A good overall video experience will keep visitors glued to your site.

They’ll love and admire you for it!

3 – What style & messages are they trying to convey?

Avoiding me-too B2B marketing is critical. Here’s how.

By noting down competitors’ video styles, you can start to appreciate how you can look different.

For example, if they use voiceover video

– then you can look different by using animated video, or presenter video, or infographic video

For example, if they use company directors as talking to heads to explain their message

– then you can use snappy voiceover, which is often quicker to deliver than a VIP speech

For example, if they use few graphics

– then you can use more, and dazzle more.

The same applies to Competitor’s Messages.

Ask yourself:

> What aren’t they talking about that you feel they should be talking about?

> What’s missing that customers want? It might be a detailed explanation of a technology or service method. It might be customer testimonials. Figure out what’s missing.

Adding it all up

If you visit 5 competitors sites – as suggested

– and note down the number, type and style of videos they deploy

– then you’ll very quickly see a picture emerging

– where you can take advantage of their weaknesses

– while clearly differentiating your own strengths

– and guaranteeing great Customer Video Experiences – time after time.

Our own site has been teaching the world at large about video presentation for years.

Take a look and see how we do it.

Then go and review your competitors, and measure their video effectiveness.

Let your competitors teach you how to win!

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