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We already know that B2C marketers live and breathe animated video.

So many consumer product videos are animated.

As an example - you only need to turn on the TV and see the latest campaigns by Lloyds, American Express or British Gas to see the quality of B2C animation available.

And it's not just the international giants who are animating.

Smaller companies, like insurers, are doing it too - and the trend is increasing.

So why isn't business adopting animation as the route forward to expand their business product or service marketplace.

1 - The Cost Issues are non-existent

B2B animation costs around the same a corporate video.

But the perception is that animation costs a fortune - and is strictly the preserve of mega-budget B2C marketers.

>Not true.

A 2 minute animated web video may well costs less than a 1 day shoot live action video.


2 - Every business can benefit from animation

All B2B marketers are looking to clearly differentiate their product or service from their competitors.

With potential clients able to summon up web page upon web page of companies not too different to you, there is no room left for Me-Too marketing.

Me-Too marketing is no longer compelling.

You have to differentiate right from the get-go.

Animation immediately makes you look different.

Animation will make you stand out from the crowd after even a few seconds viewing.

Harness the power of animation to differentiate yourself is our message.

3 - Your customers will respect you

The unspoken fear for any marketer considering animation is "will it make us look silly?"

The answer is "yes" if the animation does look silly.

But if you have an insightful script that penetrates to the deepest heart of your clients' needs, and back this up with an animated highly visual story, your customers cannot help respond positively.

This is because an animation is such a direct way of telling a business story it tends to cut through all the flannel and paraphernalia that so often surrounds B2B marketing messages.

Your customers will respect you for your directness - and for your imaginative differentiated approach.


The good news is that there are an increasing number of B2B marketers who are trying to make a change - and are looking for new and exciting ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.

A few of these forward thinkers chose animated web video to make them stand out from the crowd.

Take a look at what they came up with:

Direct Plastics

Network Sunday



An opportunity missed?

I think not.

Animated video works for B2B.


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