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Knowing how & where to develop your video marketing strategy is one of this year's great problems for marketers.

Here's an email from a client, typical of many we receive, highlighting the problem.

"Our online and direct sales retail business already has a number of promotional videos, including customer testimonials, presenter videos, and director to camera videos.

We've had good successes with video in the past, so where do we go from here?"

I have 3 different answers to this "where do we go next" question.

Answer 1: Redeploy your numerous existing videos into new videos.

Answer 2: Make video for where you're underperforming or feeling pain.

Answer 3: Examine your website very closely, page by page, and figure out where the customer stumbles. Make video to stop them stumbling.

Let's take a look and see what each of these answers offers.


Answer 1: Redeploy your numerous existing videos into new videos

Videos cost a lot of money to make, especially when there's filming involved.

So recycling, redeploying or repurposing your existing footage and video assets will enable you to produce more videos with different messages

- from existing footage.

Most companies can get one or two new videos cheaply this way.


Answer 2: Make video for where you're underperforming or feeling pain

If you target your problem areas you'll probably discover that part of the problem is poor customer communication

- or poor communication within part of your sales force.

Often a video can fix this problem as it provides a consistent, repeatable and memorable message that no one will get wrong.

For example: Customers often don't appreciate your superior technology, or product benefits, or why it's that different to competitor products.

For example: Where there's a lack of reviews about our product. People don't buy without reviews, especially video reviews, as they're invariably seen as more valuable than text reviews.

A corporate web ideo can spell out these differences clearly, with a resulting knock-on to ROI.


Answer 3: Examine your website very closely, page by page, and figure out where the customer stumbles

Customer expectations of websites are increasing exponentially every year.

What looked like great information & service on a website a couple of years ago now looks old and clunky.

Analysing web stats often confirms this:

For example: Certain sets of customers never get further down the sales funnel than a known bottleneck on the site.

For example: Critical info on a page may be being ignored by site visitors, or misunderstood.

For example: Collectively your video may be deployed poorly. An example of this is putting all videos onto a video page that is often ignored, or placing videos out of the visible window so customers don't see them, and consequently don't play them enough.

The advice is to manually track & follow different customer paths through your site, click by click, while looking at the analytics data for each page.

This process frequently reveals hidden customer difficulties and consequent drop-offs in sales funnel performance

- difficulties that could be fixed with a new video.


If you're looking to develop your video strategy further, then you can:

  • repurpose existing videos to make new ones.
  • make video to solve pain points
  • make video to stop the customer stumbling

And don't forget to start your company youtube channel.

Any of these 3 quick ways will help you grow your strategy and get you started on the next phase of your company's marketing video development.


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