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Coming up with a new concept for your next Marketing Video can be harder than it sounds... You need to differentiate.

So to give you a helping hand, here are 21 quick ideas to get your creativity flowing.


They cover a wide range of industries and budgets - take a look and see if one can work for your business!

  1. Make an animated infographic video with your latest stats or information. They're a great way of showing complex data in an easy way.
  2. Repurpose your existing video footage to make a new shorter video / video with a different angle.
  3. Film your CEO with a new message - Do you have any great news, or a new idea for the business?
  4. Film a favourite local client talking about their experience with you.
  5. Create a longer more in depth case study video - Up to 10 mins, showing detail about the real working relationship and long term benefits.
  6. Make a product demo - whether for a physical item or a piece of software.
  7. Film in your office or place of work, and make a 'meet the team' video.
  8. Film key members of staff answering short questions to easy popular FAQs.
  9. Use animated characters to explain a process with a simple and engaging story.
  10. Create a whiteboard marketing video - to get into depth on a subject and really educate the audience.
  11. Create a series of quick how - to videos relating to your industry - these can be used as an indirect sales tool.
  12. Film your factory to show your huge capability and processes.
  13. Make a tutorial - how to use your product or software.
  14. Give answers to frequent client problems - what are their difficulties or pain points?
  15. Create an interactive multimedia presentation with a marketing video embedded to replace your old tired powerpoint.
  16. Make a low cost caption video with stock library footage.
  17. Hire actors to act out a typical customer journey or story - giving potential customers an experience of what it's like to work with you.
  18. Film a presenter to camera - a real face can represent your brand well.
  19. Explain abstract ideas and concepts with an animated explainer video.
  20. Film a vlog - an informal video for you blog, it's it's to make a series like '"Hear from an expert"
  21. Convert your CEO into an animated character for a fresh approach to CEO to camera videos.

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