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Q: We need to develop our existing web site as it is really terrible! I have been tasked to do this by the end of February. I’m new to the company and have also been tasked to develop a multi-media brochure for the web site and for handing out on CD’s at events and for using in presentations.

Our current web site is designed badly and has no flow. It is visually great in some places but looks like it was thrown together with no clear objective. There is no interaction. To be honest it looks like a designer with good Photoshop skills has tried his hand at coding a web site.

The corporate image for the company has been done but we wanted to do something more with multi-media. Not to go silly but our new brochure is going out on 100% recycled paper and a CD. On the CD we wanted to put a lot more information and have been things about a film / media experience.

I’d welcome guidelines or pointers around this (Hope you get the idea)

Marketing & IT Director
Construction Company

A: Following on from yesterday where we clarified the business objectives of the marketing package and established that you need web, multimedia and video, in this second part we’ll look at your corporate video and multimedia presentation requirement.

Corporate Credibility Video

For an effective corporate video production you need something really short, maybe as short as 60 seconds that uses strong visually compelling text and images, choreographed to a great music track.

The music will win the audiences’ hearts, and the text messages will win their minds.

This allow you about 100 words to get your core construction group message across

See Our corporate and marketing video page for numerous video examples of this style.

I know corporate video wasn’t originally in your thoughts, but consider that it will deliver three things:

> A consistent, powerful and memorable message for any audience who need to quickly know who the Group are

> A speedy overview of the Group’s scope, capability and purpose

> A desire in the audience to know more

In effect – instant credibility.

This makes it a central part of a marketing package.

In addition, you could ask for your corporate video to be mastered in HD, so video wall and Blu-Ray versions could be developed in the future for less cost.

Video Touch Points

By touch points I mean all the opportunities that different segments of your marketplace will have to see your corporate video production.

The video could be played:

> At exhibitions, seminars and events. If you take an animated text-and-graphic approach then your message can be understood with or without sound. This means it can be displayed prominently without offending neighbours, eg, video wall, high mounted TV screens, and other hi-visibility crowd-drawing locations

> As part of the multimedia CD brochure information pack which clients and the public may receive

> On selected pages on the website, eg Home Page, providing a fast and lively initial briefing for New Visitors

> As a DVD (or Blu-Ray) to give to clients and public on any occasion, or as part of direct mailings

> As an mpeg file on autoloop at exhibitions, seminars and events

> At the start of all presentations to groups

Importantly, aim for your corporate video to be of high quality – try to make sure it’s one of the best in the world of construction, then you and your colleagues will always be proud to show it, rather than present it as an afterthought. (I would think this would be second nature for a London company)


2016 Guide to Digital Marketing


Multimedia Overview

I’d consider a multimedia package of 3 parts

> The 60 second corporate video

> A business presentation

> A section with links to the online web library, forums, case studies and other relevant web info which I’ll suggest.

Here is a link to multimedia samples

The Viewer Experience

The best way to look at a multimedia presentation other than seeing one in the flesh is to look at it from the point of view of the Viewer. That way it’s impact will be understood better.

Users, be they client or public, could receive an attractively packaged CD in a modern semi-clear flexi pack that allows them to see the on-body disk design. This avoids using fragile CD cases or bulky DVD boxes.

On insertion in their laptop or PC it will autoload. No special programming or software is required other than an overall multimedia capability. People like this.

Music will start up and an animation can as it loads. This will immediately engage the audience. Eyes will light up. They will be impressed by the look and feel of the production.

Your menu will then animate on, reflecting your corporate image and slogans

They will see a choice of options:

> Video

> Presentation

> Get Involved – Have Your Say (links to the website)

To encourage people to click ensure your rollovers are dramatic and artistic. For example, maybe the menu can rotate while images and sound appear.

As the mouse rolls over they will also hear voiceover.

This is compelling stuff.

This highly audiovisual approach to acquiring viewer attention and interactivity is known as Engage & Compel.

Importantly, it creates a rewarding experience for the viewer and encourages them.

Throughout the multimedia, audience participation will be encouraged in a similar manner.

In part 3 we’ll look at the web site component of the marketing package.


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