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With entry into global markets so relatively simple with the internet, many companies are deliberately moving into a bigger multi-country markets

– or being dragged there by their multinational and foreign clients.

This particularly applies to companies who sell services and/or technology, but it can equally apply to construction or financial sector companies or manufacturers.

And in this push for global markets, there’s a need to rethink how your client presentations are delivered.

Yes, everyone’s using powerpoint, but by now you’ve probably got too many or too few ppts, and possibly many of them are bloated and out of date, with too many “contingency slides”

– and yet none of it is consistent enough for the global marketing drive you’re planning.

So the big question to ask yourself is:

Do we need a global multimedia presentation?

14 ways to tell if you’re ready for a global presentation

  1. You sell high value goods or services, or negotiate high value contracts.

  2. Your existing clients are pulling you into foreign markets

  3. Your newer clients are international or from other countries.

  4. You haven’t made any serious change to your powerpoint presentations for quite a while.

  5. You have nimble international competitors where you didn’t use to have them before.

  6. Your presentation is too “me-too” sounding and lacks clear differentiation between you and your competitors.

  7. You feel you’re not explaining your business proposition as well as you could.

  8. You’d like all your presentation elements as part of a single managed package.

  9. You think your presentations need to be more idiotproof.

  10. You’d like presentations that are adaptable to different levels of sales skills.

  11. Your presentation needs to be more adaptable to different audiences and vertical markets

  12. You’d like some or all of your presentation to be pre-voiced, spoken aloud by a voiceover professional, ie, a consistent talking presentation.

  13. You feel your presentation needs a lot more interactivity with customers

  14. You need a presentations that runs on all platforms – whatever platforms your global clients may be using


To better understand what goes into a multimedia presentation for global markets you can see a lot of detailed information here

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