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How does any marketing manager know if they’re being deceived or simply misled by their video production company?

When you’re up against a marketing video salesperson with a well-practiced spiel it can be difficult separating the truth from exaggeration, and outright deception.

Here are 10 questions to ask to unsettle them a bit, and enable you to gauge better for yourself “how true is true”.

The aim is not so much as to catch someone out like a polygraph test. It’s more about gauging their reaction to one or more of your unsettling questions

– and then making your own value judgement as to the truthfulness of their marketing video offer.

Here are my favourite 10 questions designed to help you probe a little deeper and discover who’s on the level, and who isn’t quite so on the level as they’d have you believe.

Winning Trsut With Video Marketing

1 – Ask them how busy they are, then watch closely

Are you getting lots of fuss and attention? Maybe it’s because they’re not very busy producing video and have lots of time to chase after you.

2 – Ask them how many quotes a month they do

This question will be unexpected. The trick is to observe them while they work out what to say to you.

3 – Ask how much of the tender is generic and how much is specific to you

You’re trying to discover how much of their proposal template is loaded full of generic boilerplate, and how much will actually be ideas & points that add value to your specific project.

4 – Ask to see recent marketing video work from the last month or two

Asking this will enable you to see what they’re actually creating today, and not simply present you with “their 2 marketing best videos”.

5 – Will your last three clients provide a reference?

Also ask them how many of their last three clients went over budget or were delayed. Questions like these give you an opportunity to observe the video salesperson under pressure.

6 – Ask how long it took to prepare your presentation or proposal

If it takes more than a day to prepare then you’re getting pricey treatment which you’ll pay for further down the line.

7 – Ask how your ideas could be improved on

You’re looking for a solid, value-added response here – and not simply nodding agreement with your video proposition and ideas.

8 – Ask about script development meetings, and research

You’re trying to discover how proactive they are on creatively developing ideas for you – or whether you’re expected to provide most of the ideas.

9 – Ask how long since they last made a marketing video

It’s a very simple question, but when did they last make a video like yours?

10 – Ask what sort of problems they get on marketing video productions like yours

Anyone who won’t give a straightforward frank answer has got something to hide. Discover what it is.

You can explore more of this topic here:


When the video production company reps seems to be on top of their game and you’re not sure who to trust, try asking some of the above questions which they’ll surely hate.

The trick is to observe reactions as much as look for fault, or actual answers.

Your own savvy will do the rest.

Either way your potential video production company should have no hiding place.

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