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Q: I have been asked to enquire about a 10-minute long corporate DVD our Company.

The company has given me a £5000 budget range to work within.

They would also like to know what service the company would receive for its money – for example, would your company write the DVD for us?

In addition can you provide samples of your work, for the company to scrutinize?

Thank you for your time,

Marketing Assistant

A: This sales enquiry for a 10 minute corporate video is interesting as it highlights the opportunities and choices available to corporate producers these days.

Based on this brief, I’d suggest that there were three main choices of production style, all reasonably within the budget.

These choices are:

> Old school corporate video

> New school corporate video

> Multimedia sales presentation

Let’s take a closer look and see what these mean.

Old School Corporate Video

With this style of video, the audience sees footage and stills of your best projects, set to an accompanying voiceover and music track.

With some animated graphics, such as your CAD and our text animation, the result is a slick semi-documentary about your company.

It will certainly excel in terms of getting across your Scope & Capability message in an impressive and memorable way.

It also allows options, such as using a Presenter, or showing interview clips with directors and clients.

It will make your message believable.

New School Corporate Video

The aim here is to convey your scope and capability in under 2 minutes.

The style is very graphic and the music is always compelling riveting stuff.

Click here and view corporate marketing videos 

It’s a construction industry video, and very sharp, very new school, and to the point.

The approach is very graphic, stylish and flab-free, much more so than the documentary approach outlined above.

If you want to cut a dash then this is the way to go.

The CitySprint corporate video on the same page is another good example.

Multimedia Sales Presentation

Increasingly many of our clients are rejecting the DVD option and choosing a multimedia presentation.

This page here has a number of examples and explains multimedia presentation options well

If you wanted to increase your budget you could include shooting customer testimonials as in … great to work with, deliver on time, stunning ideas, I trust them completely, etc

Overall a sales multimedia gives more bang for its buck, as it’s more focussed on winning deals in all situations.

Corporate Video Production

Production of corporate video and multimedia presentations are very similar processes.

They take around the same amount of time to develop, say a 6-12 week schedule.

Apart from the filming required in corporate video, the processes are almost the same.

Like most companies we provide a full end to end corporate video service, inc professional scriptwriting and storyboarding, animation and titling, working with your CAD files, DVD production, the works!

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