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Q: We need to develop our existing web site as it is really terrible! I have been tasked to do this by the end of February. I’m new to the company and have also been tasked to develop a multi-media brochure for the web site and for handing out on CD’s at events and for using in presentations.

Our current web site is designed badly and has no flow. It is visually great in some places but looks like it was thrown together with no clear objective. There is no interaction. To be honest it looks like a designer with good Photoshop skills has tried his hand at coding a web site.

The corporate image for the company has been done but we wanted to do something more with multi-media. Not to go silly but our new brochure is going out on 100% recycled paper and a CD. On the CD we wanted to put a lot more information and have been things about a film / media experience.

I’d welcome guidelines or pointers around this (Hope you get the idea)

Marketing & IT Director
Construction Company

A: In this first part if a series of three, we’ll take a look at the overview and start to resolve your needs down to simple objectives and build from there.

In subsequent parts we’ll look at how these are actually delivered

I’d start by confirming your business objectives, which might be:

> To actively promote your company to your body of client and public with emedia / digital marketing

> To foster and facilitate client / public involvement in individual projects

> To cover every client / public Touch Point.

I’m using my own marketing language here which I hope is okay, boiling your needs down to promotion, customer involvement and touch points, but I find it keeps things simple looking at it this way.

The core of your marketing solution is to produce web and multimedia (and possibly corporate video too) that act in concert, and directly support each other.

This will give a unified approach to market.

At the same time you say you need to actively encourage and enable the public and clients to get more involved with their local projects

Let’s take all these requirements one at a time.

The Website: Specifically you could develop your website as:

> An industry hub, the knowledge centre for your industry, the go-to place.

> A focus for public engagement in the towns and cities where your company is actively involved in projects.

> A useful platform where real community and environmental issues can be openly seen and discussed in a frank way.

Multimedia: You could also produce a multimedia video to:

> Ensure awareness of your company is accurate, informed and positive

> Explain why you’re unique, and why this benefits the client

> Further encourage public and client engagement and involvement, as a complement to the web

> Subtly persuade client and public that your company is “good”

Specifically this solution will deliver:

> A 60 second Instant Credibility video (I still think a corporate video is a good idea

> An Interactive Multimedia Presentation CD (Multimedia sales presentation application info here

> A Comprehensive Website, with features that will include powerful animated messages, interactive forums, case studies, ease of use, regular updating, news etc.

The delivered benefits of this solution to your London-based construction group would be:

> Your unique approach to construction and the environment will be better understood and appreciated

> More people will become better informed on more occasions

> Proactive dialogues will be generated as more people become involved with your website and such

> Increased credibility and increased trust which initially the video will go along way to developing.

In summary, this is what a marketing package should be designed to achieve

In the next two parts we’ll look at how this can be achieved as a practical marketing package

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