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Marketing video products - price list


All marketing video productions include an end-to-end service, inc scripting, top professional voiceover, storyboard, music & sound fx, complete with client approval at every stage - all from a top team

2D budget marketing video


3D explainer video From £620

RuntimeCost £ GBPCost $ USD
30 secs£620$827
1 minute£857$1,145
90 secs£1,027$1,371
2 minutes£1,268$1,693

2D explainer video From £887

RuntimeCost £ GBPCost $ USD
30 secs£887$1,185
1 minute£1,247$1,665
90 secs£1,437$1,919
2 minutes£1,813$2,421
Custom animation


Custom animation From £1,452

RuntimeCost £ GBPCost $ USD
30 secs£1,452$1,938
1 minute£2,512$3,355
90 secs£3,349$4,472
2 minutes£4,150$5,542

High end character animation From £3,864

RuntimeCost £ GBPCost $ USD
1 minute£3,864$5,160
90 secs£4,773$6,372
2 minutes£5,709$7,623
filmed & stock video


Stock footage video From £1,288

RuntimeCost £ GBPCost $ USD
30 secs£1,288$1,720
1 minute£1,874$2,503
90 secs£2,742$3,661
2 minutes£3,330$4,447

filmed video From £3,215

RuntimeCost £ GBPCost $ USD
1 day shoot: from£3,215$4,293
1 day shoot: from£5,248$7,007
3 day shoot: from£7,504$10,020

* Prices in GBP. USD prices may very with exchange rates.

software videos


Software demo video From £1,236

RuntimeCost £ GBPCost $ USD
30 secs£1,236$1,651
1 minute£2,001$2,672
90 secs£2,720$3,632
2 minutes£3,371$4,501

Software tutorial videos From £1,213

RuntimeCost £ GBPCost $ USD
5 minutes£1,213$1,619
10 minutes£2,068$2,761
Social media video


No. of videosCost £ GBPCost $ USD
12 videos£999$1,334
No. of videosCost £ GBPCost $ USD
6 videos£649$867
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Why have we got this pricing page?

Contact form - studio rossiter

Everyone wants to know the cost of their video, and what they might expect to pay

- without having to fill in a contact form and ask a video production company directly.

The top 8 types of video production company: An in-depth review

The top 8 types of video production company: An in-depth review

Make your own video for pennies? Hire a top agency team for thousands? 2020 is a buyer’s market and video suppliers offer opportunity & choice for every level of budget.

Who wants B2B price information

Any marketer researching prices for explainer, animated video, filmed or stock footage video

- who wants to know the difference in cost between the different styles & runtimes of marketing video available

- and how they can influence these costs

- while still achieving their ROI & conversion goals.

It’s primarily for website video buyers rather than those looking for social media or advertising videos.

Who wants B2B price information

Why is it different

Why is this video pricing page different

This page isn’t an academic study of the video market and its typical costs, average prices or industry trends.

You’ll easily find authoritative blogs & youtube videos doing this already.

What you’re seeing here are actual end user prices Studio Rossiter have charged, allowing you to use our prices as a comparison guide to match off against quotations or cost estimates you may have.

Why is it better

How to get best value from your budget is what marketers want to know.

To help we’ve produced a series of low budget videos showing you real world tips & practical advice you can use to pay less for your video - and also pay more.

We look at the people skills involved, such as scriptwriters, designers, animators, film crews - and how much or how little of these you may need. We even look at Toonly and similar low cost production methods.

Why is this video pricing page better

We explain the underlying forces & best practices that make video prices go up, and how you can control them so they can come down.

In fact, much of this info depends on

- the video style you choose

- the runtime you specify

- and how you successfully manage the production from contract signing to delivery.

So please expect these videos to go into some detail.

If you’re immediately curious about Style here’s a 1 minute video showing you examples of the 4 main styles of marketing video.

Most of the videos make longer viewing than “the recommended under 2 minutes”, as we go into each topic in-depth, if only because spending $1,000s deserves more than a cursory look.

We believe they’ll help you make a more informed buying decision.

We also have a sister page for training and safety managers, offering similar price examples, and tips to pay more or less, according to your needs.

Which video style will win for you?

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