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Marketing video products - price guide

"Few video companies tell you their prices. We're different."

Sales & marketing videos

Recent projects showing what companies paid

Video typeDescriptionLengthStyleCost £ GBPCost $ USD
Lead-generating video for software developerAnimated graphics & text60 secsanimated£2,697$3,491
Software demo videoAnimated graphics & screenshots90 secsanimated£2,574$3,332
Service solution explainer videoOriginal multiple characters & scenes90 secsanimated£7,137$9,238
Subscription generator video for SAAS companyStock footage & animated graphics2 minsfilmed£4,773$6,178
Technology in-depth explainer videoAnimated icons & graphics3 minsanimated£5,518$7,143
Brand awareness video for technology platformAnimated icons, graphics & text3 minsanimated£5,518$7,143
Marketing promo video - manufacturer’s factory1 day filming onsite4 minsfilmed£4,552$5,892
Technology in-depth explainer videoAnimated presenter character & graphics6 minsanimated£11,455$14,828
Software tutorial videos 3 offScreenshot & animated graphics voice-led
tutorial suite
8 minsanimated£2,576$3,334

$ USD rate as at 19/11/2019

YOUR VIDEO PRICING QUESTIONS answered plainly by award-winning producer, Kevin Rossiter

"No one ever answers these questions properly, so I thought it was about time somebody did."

9 ways to push down the price of animated video and get it cheaper

Here, Producer Kevin Rossiter shows you 9 different ways to get the price down.

Learn how to spend less and get more.

If budgets are tight, then this is what you need to know.

Length: 3:09

9 ways to push up the price of animated video and pay more

Here, Producer Kevin Rossiter shows you 9 different ways to push up your video price.

Learn how to be smart and spend where necessary.

If budgets are flexible, then this is what you need to know.

Length: 5:23

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