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LOW COST ANIMATED SAFETY VIDEO “Animation commands the attention so it’s obviously more interesting to watch”

Senior safety adviser

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    Budget 2D animated safety video
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    Budget virtual safety presenter
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    Let a low cost animated safety video imaginatively explain your safety requirements & compliance standards to your workforce.

    It’s ideal for contractor & new starter inductions, toolbox talks, safety alerts, team briefings, management briefings and reinforcing compliance because safety video animation delivers a consistent, repeatable, memorable message.

    Safety topics

    Safety topic examples include risk assessment, slips & trips, fire safety, moving vehicles, safe handling of loads, PPE, site access & security, emergency procedures, incident reporting, RIDDOR, hazard awareness, asbestos, COSHH, waste disposal, hands, environmental issues and more.

    Animated safety video is also suitable for permit briefings, such as working at height, vehicles, hotwork, excavation, confined spaces, moving loads, etc


    Everything is customised exactly to your Safe Systems of Work, your signage, your site, your rules, your workforce, your brand - complete with script & voiceover.

    It's suitable for any industry, whether manufacturing, process, construction, food or petrochem.

    More effective than safety powerpoint or in-house induction video, a professional budget safety animation lets you achieve more in less time compared to your existing manual presentation.

    Low Cost Animated Safety Video - specification & choices

    Safety video - see the choices you get
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    • a professional safety script written by an expert
    • a choice of professional voiceover
    • a library of animated safety characters
    • industrial, construction or office background scenes
    • a selection of tools, vehicles & workwear
    • your photographs, artwork or video can be included
    • animated captions to highlight learning points
    • animated icons to reinforce your message
    • animated charts to show safety trends
    • perfectly positioned & proportioned layouts
    • all in your corporate font & style
    • priced to suit H&S budgets


    Animated Safety Induction Video in 6 steps

    Animated safety video production in 6 steps
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    Making a low cost animated safety induction video is fast ... easy .... and won’t demand too much of your time.
    Wherever you work in the World, here are the 6 production steps:

    • 2-script-compressor

      1 - Script

      You confirm your ideas, safety goals & required runtime
      - pay your deposit
      - then we develop your safety induction points as a script, working together with you and your team
      - until it’s 100% approved by you as perfect.

    • 3-establish-style-compressor

      2 - Creative style selection

      From our animation library you choose the style of characters, artwork and icons you want in your video.
      We help you do this.
      You provide your logo, font & colours so the video exactly matches your corporate style or safety brand.

    • 5-illustrations-compressor

      3 - Illustrated storyboard

      We storyboard your induction video - together as a team - matching each line of script to the animated characters, artwork and icons you’ve previously selected.

      Working together ensures the images and the words deliver your induction messages accurately.
      You approve the storyboard.

    • 6-voiceover-compressor

      4 - voiceover

      You pick your preferred voiceover.
      You choose the gender, accent & style you require.

    • 7-editing-compressor

      5 - Editing & animation

      We make your animated induction video, complete with music and sound fx
      - then submit it to you for approval.
      Don’t worry. You can still make minor visual changes at this stage.

    • 8-viewings-compressor

      6 - Viewings & delivery

      You pay the balance due
      - then take delivery of the final approved video as a 1080 HD mp4 video file.

    That’s it. That’s how your low cost safety induction video is made.
    Fast, simple and easy on your time.

    “The best Safety Advisers are full of initiative”

    The 3 most common questions about animated induction video answered

    Your 3 most common animated induction video questions answered

    10 benefits of an Animated Contractor Induction Video

    1. More contractors will comply with your Safe Systems of Work (SSOW).

    2. More contractors will actively engage with your safety culture and adopt your behavioural safety standards

    3. You’ll reduce corner-cutting at shift turn, and other incident-generating unsafe behaviours

    4. Less contractors will turn up only part-prepared, eg, incomplete RAMS, COSHH or PPE

    5. Contractor-related incidents will reduce, though initially RIDDORS may increase as more operatives feel empowered to speak out.

    6. The actual time taken for contractors to sit through an induction will reduce. Over a year, this can be a significant saving.

    7. Your company image, brand & rules will be strengthened, despite the tendency for contractors to think all sites are the same.

    8. You can better cope with a sudden influx of contractors, eg, at annual plant shutdown

    9. Contractors will generally be better behaved and less rogue.

    10. Every Contractor will be legally validated as having received safety induction video training, ie, they sign for watching & understanding your video.

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