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Meet B2B video producer Kevin Rossiter

Hi, I’ve been producing business videos around the world since 1988, making both filmed and animated videos for a very diverse range of businesses and organisations on many different business topics, but particularly in software marketing and workforce safety.

Making software videos was a natural for me as, prior to video, I was Apple UK Silver Salesperson of the Year, which I won for selling lots of high end systems into the City of London. I’ve been lucky enough to have a knack for making complex things feel easy, so technology customers have always liked buying from me.

Kevin Rossiter, Video Producer, Studio Rossiter

Kevin Rossiter, B2B Video Producer

Producing safety videos was an accident (pun), one of the happy accidents in my life, as it enabled me to get deeply involved with saving lives and preventing future harm, something very close to my heart. On the way, I‘ve helped spearhead some of the great initiatives in motivational safety, discovering new ways to promote safe behaviour in the workplace. Most of my 11 video awards have been for safety video.

My biggest inspiration has always been my clients. I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the smartest people on the planet in their fields. I eagerly learn from them, and pass it on through my blogs, which I've been regularly writing since 1997. Over 1,000 people read my blogs every month.

Why my videos work is because I always start by digging deep and learning about my customers and their issues. I research customers to death. Which means I can understand & guide a video production more effectively, which makes me a better production partner.

On a personal level I’m a bit of a nerd, always learning something new, typically at 6.30am when I wake up. I like meditation & yoga, writing music, travel, healthy cooking, watching movies, and of course, businesses. Favourite websites: BBC News and Wikipedia.


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