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These all have something in common:

The sales and marketing team, maybe including you, is putting together the final touches.

Like any deadline, the closer you get, the sharper the focus, the more you want to squeeze in to get it pitch perfect.

This is often the point at which the boss, or a bright-spark marketer, says ‘we need a video for this’, or ‘let’s replace the marketing video, it’s way out of date’.

Video companies get these 48-hour ‘emergency’ calls many times a year.

Mostly they say, ‘no can do, production schedule jammed’. Or, ‘sorry, not enough time before Friday’.

Well, here’s how to get around it.

Achieving 48 hour delivery First, from your side

Number one: You have to be in charge. No committees, no decision chains. It’s too late and too full-on for that. You are the go-to person for everything. It’s your baby.

Next: You need to be available. Not necessarily 24/2, but your day time calendar cleared for action. This video will need 100% priority to get the result you want.

Finally: There is a price premium. You are asking your video producer and the studio to go into high-intensity, high-resource mode cramming the whole production process into two working days.

Now, the good news - it’s doable. And affordable. 

Caveat: there are only a couple of ways to make your video to this timescale and still give a great result.

The producer will advise which options work (and which are either impractical or unachievable). It takes high-level production skills to keep to the timeline.

Achieving 48 hour delivery

The schedule Here’s how the two days will break down

Day 1

You make the call. Go for 9am and be the producer’s first of the day. Fresh is always best.

The producer will ask you a lot of questions.

Producer starts doing research.

This may take one or two hours.

Back on the phone.

Time to figure out the ‘pointy bit’ of the video - the single most important goal.

By now, the producer knows a lot about your business: about what your competitors are doing, about the market place and what makes you different or better than the rest. 

This session is like a mini-workshop. It’s data-driven.

By lunch time, if you started at 9am, the producer is ready to construct your script (and to give you a final price because by now he knows what style the video will be and what billable hours it will take the studio to complete it).

By mid-afternoon the script & storyboard are written, and approved by you. Remember, no committees, no ‘going upstairs’ - you are the boss of this production - exciting, eh?

Meanwhile, the required ‘look and feel’ is being conveyed to the visual designer.

The script is emailed to the voiceover artist (pre-booked).

The schedule

By the beginning of Day 2 the elements are all in place to start building your video around a perfect message for delivery at the end of Day 2.

What cannot be done

A word on what can’t be done

There isn’t time to despatch a film crew to your premises.

Booking a presenter isn’t going to fly either.

Anything complex is time-prohibitive.

Your producer won’t be able to conjure up a happy bunch of custom-made animated characters, or a 3-D model of your process.

In 48 hours, it’s all about the message and the medium.

Don’t worry, it WILL do the job for you.

Here’s an example of one we did recently

Our client needed a video quickly that could be used at a launch event, followed by Google and Facebook ad campaigns.

It was to launch a new technology platform, called EV8, aimed at high end customers who want to capitalize on the new energy markets of the future. 

To summarise: how to make a 48-Hour Video


Be the decision maker

Be available any time over 2 days

Agree budget

Collaborate on research and script

Agree most vital message & USPs

Agree ‘look and feel’ (storyboard and style)

Decide how you will use the video


Research your company

Workshop to clarify goal, USPs & key messages

Write script

Arrange voice over

Brief visual designer with storyboard

Supervise post-production (effects)

Decide which video formats to supply


If you have a 48-Hour Video Emergency, please call 0044 1695 726887

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