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Auriga at ATMIA 2017

ATMIA is a global event for vendors & banks in the ATM marketplace, which is moving from the simple money delivery-in-the-street concept, to a comprehensive, 2 way, customer-to-bank, all purpose, touch point.

A key player in the development of ATM software engines to drive all this information is Auriga.

Auriga, in their own words, “specialise in the development of integrated platforms that contribute in defining the standards of the new models of omnichannel banking.

This year, Auriga wanted to introduce their concept of @Phrygital as part of a video that would be equally suitable for looping without sound on a 6 metre video wall, as well as viewing from a tiny smartphone.

@Phrygital is the concept Auriga felt best illustrated the re-humanising of the banking experience.

Here are 3 images from the @Phrygital style.

ATM marketplace

Online colab systems

ATM Explainer Video Production

Creative Director, Linda Rossiter says “It was an interesting challenge to work within the confines of the supplied artwork. The client really enjoyed joining in using our online colab systems, as they could see always see what we were doing, making sure it was perfect at every stage. As a result, the final delivery was perfect first time – exactly what they expected.

Working online with clients is now the established method in our studio and it seems clients love it as video is now a shared collaborative process, using new explainer video technology that can be used remotely on any device.

And the last words is: Thank you Auriga for trusting us with your new concept for ATMIA!

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