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HIGH PERFORMANCE EXPLAINER VIDEO " ... a fresh approach, a different way of looking at things, ... it's priceless."

Sarah, Marketing Manager

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Why High Performance Video is different

High Performance Video from Studio Rossiter


The top twelve video styles

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The Creative Process

It starts with you and your ideas. We take these forward through a carefully determined mix of research, insight & creativity, identifying what'll supercharge your digital marketing chain.

You'll need different video versions for your website landing pages, social media, email, advertising (eg retargeting ads) presentations, or events, ready for viewing on a variety of devices.


  • Project start

    You complete a detailed questionnaire confirming your goals, audiences, channel strategies, marketplace and special requirements. This gets us both on-message. 

  • Research

    We normally advise joining a High Performance Workshop, a unique structured programme we've developed for video marketers. The outcome is greater certainty, the confidence needed to outperform the marketplace.

  • Script

    Effective video starts with a script. We develop the concepts, ideas & words with you. The result is the perfect storyline to win in your marketplace.

  • Establishing style

    Accurate research will help you narrow your creative choices. With at least twelve style choices available, it's important to clearly identify the future winner in your marketplace.

  • Style frames

    Typically we create 3 style frames for you. These are near-finished graphics to help you visualize the overall look & feel of your video. We work on these until they're exactly what you're looking for.

  • Illustrated storyboard

    Sometimes called the Book of the Movie, your visual storyboard is hours and days of artwork compiled to show every video scene in detail. See exactly what your video will look like, in advance. 

  • Voiceover

    We offer you a choice of three voiceover artists, in the accent, gender & style best suited to your marketplace. Included is a free read so you know you're making the right choice.

  • Editing & animation

    With everything now prepared & approved, studio work can start. You take a deserved back seat. If we have questions, you can be sure we'll ask.

  • Viewings & delivery

    From viewing a 1st draft to receiving final delivery doesn’t take long, because everything has already been carefully planned in advance together. The wonderful surprise is how good it looks. We finalise the project by delivering different versions for your different media channels.

Expect to be involved throughout the whole project, collaborating freely using our cutting edge online collaboration tools, much more than simple email, docs and webcam.

We work to your deadlines. You set the pace. We follow your lead.



To hit their tough deadline, HugHub needed a 3 minute animated video to explain the sheer breadth of how their Insurance Broker Mgt platform enhances every aspect of the broker’s business, efficiency and profitability


The Port of Djibouti, a major hub for billions of dollars of East African trade, needed to demonstrate to shippers how their new automated gateway system has reduced the transit time for goods from days to now under an hour. At 3.5 minutes, this longer explainer video tells all.


SynergyFlow technology transforms the way enterprises use & deploy knowledge capital within critical business projects, replacing traditional approaches with simplicity & speed. The 1m 50s video was tasked with explaining this to high level users.

Malvern DLS

So how do you explain a ground breaking new technology to a scientific audience without either boring them, or going too deep and losing the C Level buyer? This was the challenge we faced in producing this 3 minute overview of how lasers can measure molecules.

KAB Seating

How do you convince hard-nosed engineering buyers that you can deliver error-free, high spec car & wagon seating systems? KAB Seating used live action video & graphics to demonstrate the truth of their claims, showcasing their new advanced automated production line system.


Enterprises, or indeed any business, are prime targets for hackers. Data breaches can hurt companies badly. This 3 minute explainer video shows how Secunia’s Software Vulnerability Intelligence Manager comprehensively makes life very difficult for the hacker by preventing and also identifying potential attacks.


From police to banks to government, fast ID verification is a daily problem. Docutector needed a video to prove how their online ID verification system can authenticate almost all major documents on the spot in realtime. Cops checking licences. Offices checking passports. You get the idea.


What does “the beating heart of diagnostics” mean? This animated video uses dweebs to show how diagnostics are the result of a unique synergy, combining joined-up thinking, people & processes for the benefit of patients worldwide.


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Our creativity has been seen by millions
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Google Rating

Sarah Noel, Flexera

The feedback on this video is really great just to let you know.  So much so my U.S colleagues would be interested to speak to you about producing another video!
Thanks for producing a great video!

Paul Faunt, Mex

The videos in general are great. The Chinese one is already being used by one of our agents in China. Thanks for all your patience and assistance with this.

Stefan Muller, Enerparc

Good storyboard and a bit fresher than the neutral “german style” 😉
PS I think it’s fantastic

Marie Grieve, Quinn Group

Thank you to you and your team for all of your hard work and efforts on the video, looks great and a well polished production finish.

Manuel Parra, ICD Bank

It was a pleasure working with Victoria, she did a great job!

Joseph Zawacki, National Auditing Services

The web video came out really well. You exceeded my expectations.

Duncan, MyBromley

We are very pleased with the video and happy to sign it off.

Whitehall Products

The reaction from everyone has been fantastic
it's powerful, it's impactful, it doesn't waste a lot of time. It's very direct
Everyone who's seen it has said ‘wow that's fantastic’

Marc Curtis-Smith, Federal Management

We are very pleased with the final cut and hope it helps us to grow as a business.
Thank you very much for your efforts, it is greatly appreciated.

Miriana DiBari, Auriga SPA

The video is perfect! Very well done, thanks a lot for understanding exactly what we wanted.
Thanks again for your gorgeous video.

Colin Baillie, Grace

Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone involved. It has been a great success, and a lot of fun working with you guys!
We were massively pleased with the video that you made for us, and we would not hesitate to work with you in the future. 

Robin LaFontaine, DeltaXML

We were certainly pleased with the video, it was professionally completed and we were all happy with the final result.

Peter Hawkins, HSBC Data Centre

We ran a tour yesterday with both the video and a pre-recorded audio tour and all was received very well by a small group of our European Executives.

Dennis van MIl, Synergy Healthcare

​​​​​​​We are getting some really positive feedback on the HSS video, which is fantastic, and thanks again for all the work.

Rebecca Imisson, Thames Water

​​​​​​​The programme has been seen by the CEO and Head of Safety, Health and Wellbeing. They are really happy with the outcome, and impressed with both the quality and the speed of production.

Mike Giles, Network Sunday

This looks great Harry. Great job! Thanks.

Rachel Pocock, Synergy Healthcare

​​​​​​​Thanks for sending over the video, it looks great.

Vishal Desai, Mitsubishi Fund Services

Again; great work on this video

John Nance, DS Smith

Superb job. The guys love it.
I think Co went through the video 20 times over the weekend and we really like it.
And feedback from the guys over the weekend is very positive.

Hyder Ashgal - Qatar

Very impressed!  Comments from our team include wow!; Love it; Fantastic – absolutely no comments on changes; and Superb.  So I think we can safely say this hits the spot.
The feedback we had from Ashghal was superb! it couldn't have gone better.  They did comment that our presentation was the best they had ever seen - just the response we were after.  The client was certainly very impressed at the video and our presentation and we believe we are very well placed at this stage.  We now wait in anticipation for the award outcome.......

Synergy - Values

Very good, inspiring piece of video
I thank you all again for all the effort and work into it and it has been a pleasure working on this project. 
Thank you all once again for finishing the project on time.
“Kevin and his team delivered excellent value for the first Corporate Branding Video for Synergy Health plc. Extremely personal approach and we work closely together to have produced an inspirational and enchanting video. Will continue to utilise his expertise in video production/directing for foreseeable future projects. Highly recommended.”

Joanna Silva Synergy Healthcare

First of all well done Kevin/Linda/team. Great piece of work! 

Total Office

I like this one too! I think the website is going to look great!

Markus Bauer, ESA European Space Agency

You have done a great job. Sound, music, polishing of the footage - all nicely done, giving the video a nice look and feel. 

Graham Randle, NSG

Linda, absolutely fantastic.  Really pleased with the final product.
I’m sure you’re working hard on the translations. 

Caroline Bradley, Disney Stores Europe

Just viewed the UK version and looks fab

David Donkin, Pilkington

Can I just say that the video was shown at Bristol in the Morning meeting the day after for feedback and was very well received so I am chuffed!! One Supervisor thought it was the best video!

Madeleine Grossholz, Klinger

​​​​​​​Thank you so very much for your fantastic work! It’s absolutely amazing what you made out of our static images and how you managed to accommodate 125 years into about 2 minutes in such a smooth way. I also very much like the different music styles softly blending into each other. You’ve done a brilliant job!

Hyder Corporate

Great Intro – music powerful and dynamic
Overview Speaker good accent and powerful voice
Love the black and white background when starting from the history of our business
Like the rolling portfolio of projects
Key messages captured and communicated well.

Peter Hamilton, AccounTax

Thank you so much, to you, Kevin and Linda, I think your service has been truly excellent.

Andy Sanders, Maidments

Looks great.

Simon Bilbie, Furniture Shop Online

I like what I have seen after playing through a few times.

Steve Mohr, Gifting Solutions

It looks really good.

Tony Parsons, Fitness World

Many thanks for your help, the ad looks great!!!
In relation to working on further projects, we have two other on our agenda and we will definitely be using you in the near future

Philippos Nikiforou, MailQuatro

Very good job! I like it very much. That is what I was expecting.

Fanny Tian, Cellulaire Suisse​​​​​​​

The video is well done! Now we can see that instant impact video is really your strength, just as Kevin had told us earlier. We are pleased to hereby approve your beautiful work of art.

Jonathan Goldman, Harrow Council

Having googled and shortlisted for an animation company I made some phone calls to see which one could meet our needs.  
What marked Rossiter & Co out straight away was Kevin’s clear and reassuring curiosity about what we wanted to achieve with our video.  
His enthusiasm was very infectious and before long we were talking promotion, SEO, marketing and more.  
And he was clear up front what was included in the price.  
The work itself was assigned to Harry who promptly produced a fantastic and rather inspiring clip, all within the dates agreed.  
All in all I found working with Rossiter & Co an excellent experience and absolutely recommend them.

Adrian White, Recruit Retail​​​​​​​

We have worked with Rossiter and Co for under 2 years and in that time we have seen a rapid transformation in our marketing and multimedia output.
They have supported us on a number of levels: Sales Support multi-media, E-Marketing campaigns, Staff induction videos and specific materials for our annual conference.
They bought an energy and enthusiasm into our organisation that motivated us to try 'something different' and it moved our corporate image onto a new level. They have supported many key strategic initiatives and played a part in a very successful year for our business.
Their approach is different…….but that’s why it works!

Mike Eggington, Peradon

Thanks for the video - we are very, very pleased with it. It creates a great impression and lighting/quality is excellent.
We worked with Kevin of Rossiter & Co on our a video to show the high level of quality maintained throughout our snooker cue production process. Kevin understood our aims and took the time to learn about the processes involved to enable him to offer us a variety of ideas as to how this would be best presented. The video was very very professionally produced and we are very pleased with the end result.

Cheryl Lamont, Supplies Team

Fabulous, can’t wait for everyone to see it!

Roger Lynn, Baltic Kitchens

I can only say that I, and everyone else here at Baltic, think what you've done is absolutely fantastic!

Martin Schiele, Salcura

The video looks great! Thank you for all your hard work.

Hyder Corporate

I LOVE THIS VIDEO!  It’s amazing and makes me feel so proud, each and every time I watch it. BIG SMILES!

Paul Rooney, Accountant

Fantastic – really happy with that!!

Jocelyne El-Hajj, Edarat

professional work, we expect to work with you on another 4 videos for our service offering.




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