Storyboarding is developing visuals to match the video script

- and subsequently being able to write a “book of the video”.

Some video production companies work out the storyboard first, or they work out the script and the storyboard simultaneously. But this approach isn’t recommended.

It’s too complex to decide the visuals and the script all at the same time in one process, in one single meeting.

This is why script and storyboard should be considered as two separate but highly related processes.

Once you have an approved script, sit together with your production team and creatively brainstorm the images to go with every single phrase, every sentence, every chapter, and every section in the video script.

By storyboarding as a separate process, it allows you to theme chapters and theme the production with an overall creative concept, down to the small details of where you think:

You’re going to need graphics and captions.

Where you’re going to need a special shoot.

Where you need to use stills.

From all this, a storyboard is produced.

A storyboard document is a lot more than just a list of the visuals; it should be an industry standard storyboard, a Master Document.

This master document will contain every detail for your video production, not just the visuals to go with every sentence, but a list of all the outstanding stills required, or cast and props.

In can include all the shots and footage required, a shoot list (or route march) for the shoot, instructions for camera and director, instructions for the editor such as any graphics that are required, any graphics instructions, or post production effects.

A storyboard is a complete master document, the complete blue print of your corporate video, and it’s something that all parties can understand, so there’s no mystery.

A professional video production company will do all of this before they ever take a camera out on site.

This way everyone knows that on paper, the whole programme is perfect, and that you and your colleagues are in full agreement that this is the video that you want to make.

This is what a storyboard is. It’s everything about your corporate video on paper.



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