Using Actors – their relative value and cost

Actors can play a large part in many video productions.

They’re used to bring scenes to life,making them more engaging and adding credibility to your message - so they're worth paying for.

Some uses of actors are obvious. For example where you need dramatic situations such as:

Re-enactments of a health and safety incident

Re-enactments of a selling situation or a customer demonstration

Demonstrating interpersonal skils

All of these usually require actors.

Using actors as non-speaking extras can be a big plus for a programme too. It’s good to have many people in a scene and have some background activity going on. You can use your own people for this, and that’s good because in theory it costs you nothing, but professional extras don’t cost a lot either.

It’s worth considering them. They will move, they will stand, their faces will be right, everything about them will be right in your production.

If they have to have any talking lines then they can probably do a much better job that using your own people, who may well come out wooden, and spoil the show.

All these possibilities give you choice.

When you’re making a programme use your own people, use a mix of actors, or use all actors. Or if you’re producing a drama, then use just actors.

If you want to save money on hiring a cast, I'd recommend that you use unknown actors as they come at a reasonable cost.

At Studio Rossiter we rarely use a famous name, and we’ve made our name discovering talented "unknowns".

By using unknowns, they’ll give you a top job, while they'll probably have television experience, and they'll often have drama school backgrounds. They’re qualified as actors, but they won’t cost you the earth.

Think about using actors for the value they add to your video production.

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