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The Uses of Graphics & Animation in Corporate Video

updated 20th January 2020

Graphics and animation are mostly used in 2 ways

1 - to explain ideas, concepts & benefits

2- to bind a programme together with a visual unity that adds lustre and prestige to the production.

When producing a filmed video or a stock footage video, graphics & animation may be essential for either of the reasons above.

Obviously many companies deploy animated promotional videos where the whole content is animated text and graphics on screen. No video, just animation.

Explainer videos like these can be engaging & impactful to look at

- which means the target audience will be impressed, which is always one of your key business objectives

- but none of this applies if your corporate video is filmed.

So be prepared to add to your filmed video cost by using animated graphics if the script and storyline demands it.

Software demo video with stock footage
Play Video

Above is a recent example of a Software stock footage explainer video - using graphics and animation to get across concepts and ideas.

Here’s another example of a filmed video using graphics in a factory video

Filmed factory video
Play Video

In both the above videos, you can see how graphics and animation explain that which cannot be seen.

If you want to get across a concept, idea or other invisible, and this concept is important to you, then an animated graphic will do the job where a camera cannot

– because there is nothing to be shot. It’s only an idea, a concept, a principle, an invisible process - or an explanation.

A camera can’t see inside somebody’s head, or see a management system or process, or see inside a machine.

Possibly a presenter, or a person being interviewed on camera, could talk about the idea, but a graphic often does it better.

It’s the familiar story – a picture speaks a thousand words.

Not all video studios have the necessary graphic and animation skills, and will try to deflect you from these ideas if they can’t do them.

Or they’ll arrange to hire in an expensive specialist, or otherwise outsource to get the graphics for you.

It may be better to find a video studio with a solid track record in in-house graphic and animation production.

They'll follow a creative process when making your video, and offer you the right advice.

And their costs may be lower as they don’t need to buy-in and mark-up.

You can find a number of before & after examples of video graphics in filmed productions here.

Never forget that great graphics will also act as glue to your filmed video production, binding all the parts.

A strong graphic visual theme achieves this by creating a thematic unity to the video, combining titling, your corporate or brand style, and explanatory graphics all under “one visual roof”.

So instead of a video being a series of edited clips filmed in a variety of different locations, it becomes a single piece, where everything feels linked together.

This linking together is often the difference between a home made or semi-pro filmed video and a top pro video.

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