Many corporate videos can benefit from using a Presenter because you have a professional who can help tell your story, in the way that you want.

And this is worth paying extra for.

They can tell your story in a way that audiences will relate to. They're rofessional, this is their job. They like doing this, they like doing it for you.

You get many advantages from using a presenter:

If you have a presenter on screen for 30 seconds, then that’s 30 seconds of footage you don’t have to take on location, which might be otherwise difficult to acquire.

A presenter can also summarise sections for you, or open sections and provide all the links. They provide a personality for your program, and anchor the different segments of your video together.

Presenters can add real emotion to a video, where a voiceover cannot. They can help make the audience feel for your message.

If you hire a named presenter, someone who’s well known on television, they’ll cost you a lot of money. They’ll cost you at least £2,000 just to hire them for a single day. On the other hand there are many unknown presenters who are extremely skilled and very useable.

These unknowns cost a fraction of the cost of using a name. So using a presenter doesn't necessarily mean adding an expensive cost item to your video project.

When you use a presenter, you can choose whether you want somebody who’s young, who’s older, who’s female, or male – or of a particular ethnic or demographic background.

Maybe you want somebody who projects as authoritative or firm, someone who’s softer and more relating, or someone who’s energetic and busy.

The presenter is the face of your video program, and you can choose.

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