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You mightn’t have thought about it, but video projects are massive, commonly exceeding 50gb per project, and increasing all the time as 4K Ultra Wide video takes over our lives.

We now have tens of terabytes of client data to manage.

This led to dozens of huge hard disks stacked on the shelves in the Studio, taking up space, and generally looking “black box ugly” in our beautiful pinewood work environment.

With this in mind we decided to migrate all the video production data to pCloud, a secure virtual drive, accessible from our local computers, a place where we can easily store, access and work with your files in the cloud.

pCloud currently has 6 million users.

Why is this better for our clients?

> Everything our clients own or did is conveniently available online, anywhere in the world

> Video files are maintained in a secure environment

> The physical risk of damaging local, high speed hard drives is eliminated

pCloud migration is just one more little thing to make our business run better for our customers.

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