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Company videos are designed to achieve business objectives. Nothing else.

Usually this means creating and converting more sales, winning more deals.

Specifically you might consider your business objective as part of a 4 stage marketing process:
1 - To drum up more interest from your homepage

2 - Then convert more interest into more leads

3 - Then convert more leads to actual customers

4 - Then cross-sell to these customers for more sales.

A company video can help you at every step of the way. But you have to be very clear idea about how you intend to do this when initially defining your business or marketing objectives for the video.

Consider a company video is like a sniper’s rifle.

It uniquely excels at hitting single targets (customers) from a distance. But it’s generally less good at shotgun short range blasts, which can be covered by almost any media.

This means keep your objectives short, brief and few, otherwise you’ll dilute the effect of your video.

Think like a sniper’s rifle, and focus closely on your quarry.

In addition, a company video can:

> Make you look more impressive and better to do business with than otherwise

> Demonstrate your products, or premises, or sites and facilities, in a uniquely visual way

> Reach customers at any touch point online or face to face

> Standalone sell for you

> Cross-sell for you

> Convert passing interest to hard leads (38% of online buyers watched a video)

There are as many applications for business videos as there are types of sale, and industry sectors.

But this is the definition I prefer:

A company video can deliver a consistent, repeatable and memorable message to your customers.

The operative words here, besides deliver, are consistent, repeatable and memorable.

Consistent because video always delivers your best business message on cue. No interference or garbling is possible. Just let the customer play it on your site, on facebook or on youtube, it doesn't matter where.

Repeatable because you can play it anywhere from website to boardroom to exhibition to email, and it’s always right.

Memorable because it looks great and impresses with its impact. But there's more than that. The science says (classic 1950s BBC research) says that when sight & sound are combined, information retention is almost doubled. In other words, video is remembered.

When you combine this with all the customer touch points and routes to market that a company video can reach, then you can start to appreciate its unique persuasive power.

Key Learning Point

Have only one - or at the most two - business objectives for your company video, and focus your efforts on delivering these objectives. Don’t be sidetracked with too many objectives. Stay focussed.

What Your Company Video Script Must Achieve




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