To estimate the post production quality of a company video, over and above your own native impressions, run this post production checklist over it.

It’s a tough list, and many business video productions you view will fail to score on every count.
But you need to be tough because your company video matters.

So be tough.

Video Sound

> Is everything clear?

> Does music obscure the voice? Or does it work with it?

> Is there a balance between silence and music?

> Is it music or muzak? Does the music sound expensive, or classy in its genre?

> Is the audio punchy, dramatic and important-sounding? Or wishy washy? Or just average?


> Does the programme flow? Or does it seem jumpy?

> Is the editing so fast you can’t concentrate properly on the underlying message?

> Is the editing so slow you get bored?

> Does the business message seem obvious? Or do you feel the video keeps you guessing?

Video Colour

> Are the pictures vivid and attractive? Do they look powerful or weak?

> Are there dark areas in some of the shots where images are unclear -or just plain horrible dark areas, like under desks and tables? Look closely and spot them.

> Does all the footage seem to have a theme or colour idea binding the production together? Or does the colour feel jump from clip to clip?

> Do all the people in shot look reasonably attractive? Or at least free of bad features? Or ungainly? How would you personally feel if you looked this way on film?

Video Graphics

> Do the main titles and section titles look polished? Or do they look more “toy” or “basic”?

> Does the animation of text and graphics appear to unite scenes and bring things together? Or is it simply startling and “whizzy”?

> Do the graphics look like an integral part of the video programme, or does it look more like a stranger has come in for the day and added some barely related graphics, creating a stuck-on look?

Video FX

> Do the transition effects between video scenes seem more important than the scenes themselves?

> Or do the transitions bring scenes together to serve the business message?

> Is there an overall visual effect, a unifying effect? Or are the fx more of a mish-mash of effects?

Just asking the above tough questions every time you view a company video will help you identify the level of quality you’re looking for, and avoid the one trick pony. Unless that’s what you want!

There’s no single arbiter of good taste and style in company video production, but it’s always important that there’s a wide range of skills gone into the video, and not just one or two overdeveloped skills without any supporting foundation of overall outstanding ability (you are looking for an outstanding company video, aren’t you?)

The Tough List will help you see if there’s plenty of gunpowder in the fireworks – or otherwise.

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