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Who are the target audience?

Buyers are might be individuals, but usually there is a body of opinion involved in any sale. There might be two, or 6, or twenty people involved at some level of the decision to purchase from your company.

At one extreme a retail consumer, a shopper will ask their smartphone for a review while standing in the shopping aisle in front of a product, while deciding if they should buy. At the other extreme, a Managing Director or CEO will have colleagues for decision support and opinion over the awarding of a major tender.
The point is that the audience for your company video is rarely one person. People buy in groups, with maybe a “chief buyer” backed by “decision support” people.

So it’s important that your business video wins over the whole audience and not just one individual, type or job role.

Company video & business audience types
We’re going to introduce a new business audience type for your video, the Floating Voter

Your company video has to reach the Floating Voter, and this is often the clincher in any sale.

Floating voter? Who is she?

Here’s how it works:

Divide your video audience into three broad types:

> The Ayes

> The Nays

> The Floating Voters.

Consider what impact your company video will have on each of these audience segments.

The Ayes

These people already think in your favour. They tend to like you. Perhaps they're early adopters. Your video will initiate and reinforce the good reasons why they favour your business.

Your video will give them a boost by increasing their conviction. Perhaps it's your homepage video that gave them this conviction in the first place.

The Nays

Nays can be directors, buyers or any public consumer. Anyone.

These people don’t want to give you their business. They’ll only do so if their colleagues pressure them into it. While they might be charming to your face (they’re probably nice people), they will have their own preferred supplier / source / product / agenda and will vote against you.

The message here is that your company video should ignore them - the types of people who are never going to like you.

The business reasoning in your video should ignore their arguments against you. This is because it’ll make no difference whether you’re right or wrong in what you say, because the Nays will never vote for you.

Nays often have petty arguments, and make a big deal of small niggles. Their arguments are often a specious cover for simply saying “no”, so avoid their arguments, or give them no more than lip service.

Leave the Nays alone.

The Floating Voter

The Floating Voter is who your whole company video message should be aimed at.

These people are not necessarily in your favour, but neither are they against you.

Your video should focussed on winning them round, as reasonable people.

Focus your proposition on what the Floating voter needs to know in order to vote for you. Win on “reasonable doubt”. Avoid arguments you can’t win. And avoid Nay-only arguments.

Remember, a company video isn’t magic. You’re playing for percentage points here. If your company successfully influences floating voters in 2 out of 10 purchases or tenders, then you’ve achieved a 20% improvement, which is huge.

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