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This Company Video Handbook is not intended as a technical document on how to shoot your company video.

But as a manager or director it is useful to be able to accurately estimate:

> How long your business video will be

> How many days shoot you’ll need to realise the script

Knowing this will enable you to contain your costs better, and budget more accurately.

Estimating How Much Filming You’ll Need

This is a key figure as the number of days filming you need will directly impact on your business’s video budget. Less days of shoot means your video is cheaper, while more days means more money.

Trying to get the number of shoot days down to a minimum of one day is always a good idea, but you have to be sure that:

> it isn’t too little to say your business message

> you’re not missing important visual information that you’ll have no time to shoot, such as important locations

> You’re unrealistic in the amount of work a video crew can shoot in a day.

Estimating Company Video Runtime

Knowing the probable runtime length of your company video is where you start.

Look at your list of bullet points and estimate how many words it will take to say these.

Allow 1 minute of runtime for every 100 words of script.

So 200 words takes 2 minutes, while 500 words takes 5 minutes of video runtime, and so on.

There will always be exceptions to this rule, but nonetheless it gives you something to go on for financial estimating purposes.

You’ll be able to spot situations like these. Here’s 3 examples

1 – “We want a 5 minute video and here’s a list of 30 bullet points we’d like as content in our company video”

30 bullets points, even at 20 seconds per bullet, comes out at 10 minutes. So a 5 minute estimate is unrealistic.

Here’s another example:

2 – “We need a 30 minute business video and here’s a list of 30 bullet points that we’d like as the basis of the script, which needs to be half an hour long.”

30 bullet points will never take one minute each. A few might take one minute, but not 30 at 1 minute each. This script is obviously wrong too.

A more workable scenario might be:

3 – “We initially had 30 business bullet points, but by focussing on our Deliverables we were able to get our script down to 10 bullets, at around 20 seconds each, which equates to a 3 minute company video. And by the way, Mary our lead sales person, was able to chip in on what really matters to our customers”

Now this is starting to get somewhere.

Expert advice from the lead sales person has been sought, and the video script has wisely been reduced, and so a more realistic shooting and filming estimate deduced.

Estimating the number of days video shooting




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