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A day’s video shoot should produce 5 minutes of video runtime, sometimes more. But this depends on how quickly everything gets shot and how fast the video crew can work.

Shooting your company video can sometimes be quite speedy.

For example:

> When lots of interviews are lined up ready in a row, ie, people are brought to the camera, and not the other way round.

> When lots of different visual activities are in the same room or area.

> The route march of the video crew through your premises is logically the shortest possible

And shooting can be quite slow when:

> The video crew have to trek back and forth across your site to fit various people’s timetables

> They have to travel offsite to another nearby location in order to film an important person or process

> People who are supposed to help aren’t there on time, for example, fork lift truck drivers all take a break just when the video crew arrive, or a key person is off sick.

Obviously these are all just examples, intended to give a flavour of what to anticipate.

The best way to avoid many potential filming problems is to actually walk around the site with your rough video script / bullet point list in hand, and time it.

Allow that it takes a while for the video crew to set up in each location, especially if lighting is needed, which can take up to 30-45 minutes setup per location.

Broadly a video shoot day can be divided up into:

> early am

> late am

> early pm

> late pm

This timetable guide will help you organise your day’s shoot schedule.

The important point here is not to sweat the detail too much.

You’re only after a rough guide, an estimate at this stage. Your company video producer will advise in detail later.

Allow that 1 day of shooting produces 5 minutes of final company video runtime.

Combine that with each 100 words of script taking 1 minute of runtime, and also do a walkabout around your site, then you should be starting to get an idea of whether you need a 1, 2 or 3 day shoot, which your potential company video producer can cost for you during the tender.

Key points

> 100 words of video script equals about a minute of runtime video

> 1 day shoot equals 5 minutes of video

> Setting up lighting adds 30-45 minutes extra per location

> A sensible route march for the crew means more footage gets shot in the same day

> Timely planning for cast, props and locations means more footage gets shot in the same day.

> Don’t get bogged into the detail. Ask your company video producer for help.

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