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A company video script has to focus on essentials. If you need a longer more drawn out message, then use a powerpoint or shared online presentation. Or use a powerpoint to add customer-relevant detail to follow up your more generic company video.

While videos are very variable in type, style and target audience, the script essentials are surprisingly common throughout all videos.

These essential video script components are:

> Your Three Deliverables

> The Noddy

> Proof of Claims

> Your Business Proposition

> A Call to Action.

Let’s examine each of these and see how they affect our business video script.

The Video Noddy
Ever had this telesales call: “Good morning. Are you well?”

It can drive you nuts, asking if you’re well. But there’s a reason behind this approach.

The telesales caller is trying to get you to say “yes”, as “yes” is almost always at the start of a successful sales conversation.

In the same way, a company video has to get the audience to say “yes” right at the beginning. Well if not actually say “yes”, then at least nod in agreement.

Which is why it’s called The Noddy.

To get The Noddy in your company video, you need to say something smart and non-controversial that everyone in your audience will agree with.

Make it interesting, current, fascinating and visually powerful. It can be about anything relevant – the market, the need, the current state of affairs, the issues on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

Inside a few seconds of your video starting you’ll have all the audience nodding quietly, agreeing with you, and waiting to be impressed by your Three Business Deliverables.

Go for The Video Noddy. Win agreement. Do it quickly, and do it with style, but do it.

The Three Business Deliverables

Consider your business audience’s needs.

They will probably only remember three things that you say in your company video, three key points (maybe even one), no matter how much you tell them.

Your audience also need simple messages, that are so easy to remember they can repeat them to their colleagues or friends, either by email, sharing a link, in a meeting room, or across the water cooler.

This means identifying the three key things that your company delivers.

Let’s call them your Three Business Deliverables.

Deliverables are very similar to USPs (unique selling points), but the language is different.

A unique selling point focusses the language on you and your offering, compared to your competitors.

A deliverable focusses on the customer and what you deliver to them, ie, what they actually see when they get something from you.

Consider that customers or clients only want to know what you deliver to them, what they actually get. Anything else is irrelevant to them.

If your company video must talk about your track record, or your business processes, or your management structure, then this must be as a part of delivering trust and confidence, and the avoidance of risk.

For example:

> Avoid “we do this, we do that”

> Instead, focus on “we deliver this, we deliver that”

It’s all about what you deliver.

Focussing on three business deliverables actually makes it simpler to write a video script as there’s less to think about.

But equally it can be more difficult as you really have to get this part right.

Your three business deliverables must be written in language that can easily be repeated over coffee or lunch.

It must be in memorable language if possible, ready to go viral on youtube if necessary.

At the very least, it should be in easily repeatable language.

So avoid complex clever in-house definitions and industry terms.

Stick to plainspeak, words like faster, cheaper, easier, simpler etc.

Get this right and people will argue in your favour. Get it wrong and they’ll lose their arguments.

Proof Of Business Claim




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