Company values video production

Company values video



Hyder Consulting were going through a period of expansion in the Middle East.

Although they were becoming part of a much larger group, they wanted to maintain their company culture that they'd carefully developed over the years and their values.

And of course, they wanted 'newcomers' to feel welcome.

Hyder Consulting wanted to develop a video that would inform a rapidly expanding workforce of their values - and do it in a personal and heartfelt style - so we adopted a black & white visual approach to the interviews.

Since this video was produced, Hyder consulting & Studio Rossiter have worked together on a range of projects, around the Middle East and UK.


An end-to-end video production package from concept to delivery – with filming anywhere in the world – delivering your video for ready for playback anywhere. Our corporate service ranges from a 1 day shoot for a 5 minute news update – to 3 or more days filming to produce a 15-20 minute in-depth workforce values video.


Our workforce video production services include:

- Full end-to-end production of your video to 1080 HD or 4K video standard

- Working with you to develop your concept & script

- Producing questionnaires and guidebooks for management or workforce appearing on camera

- Filming at your plants or locations – anywhere

- Supplying teleprompt for CEO or VIPs speaking to camera

- Developing motion graphics and animation to explain new ideas and systems

- Editing to your precise required runtime.

- Delivery as DVD, Blu-Ray, intranet video stream, and near-HD laptop video file.


Any large or fast-growing organisation introducing changes that need explaining accurately and positively to a widely spread workforce and management team

Whenever you need to inform & motivate your workforce, use video.

You may need to:

- Explain your corporate values

- Win commitment to new systems & procedures

- Or sustain initiatives with regular news on a monthly or quarterly basis

A video is the ideal awareness & motivational vehicle for this.

You can do it through:

- Intranet video for all online staff

- DVD or BluRay to reach remote locations offline

- 4K  video playback at a large screen conference or company event

Workforce awareness videos play a major role unifying a company through a common purpose or set of company values.


EXAMPLE 1: Fragmentation due to growth or merger

A workforce video is the optimal solution to minimising the company fragmentation that occurs naturally as an organisation grows and expands into new locations – or merges with another company.

The symptoms of fragmentation are noticed when each office or plant starts to develop its own local values, cooperation levels start to shrink, and everything seems to take longer than it used to.

A Workforce Video is the lead vehicle for promoting common unity and purpose in a company experiencing this natural fragmentation due to growth.

EXAMPLE 2: Delivering news to inform, motivate & sustain

Workforce video can be a series of news briefs delivered by the CEO or senior management to camera for rapid company-wide dissemination.


News can be delivered:

- Off the cuff from a pre-arranged brief

- Read from a teleprompt for natural delivery

Delivering news sustains initiatives, keeping them alive in people’s minds by reporting progress and developments – right from the top as it happens.

Your company becomes seen as a company with a single common purpose – and with management & workforce who are fully behind you, committed to this purpose.

Video does this like no other medium.

Workforce video production will inform and motivate everyone in your organisation from your management team right though to operatives in remote locations.