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Our favourite luxury yacht charterers have just taken delivery of a safety video that explains emergency procedures to passengers.

We’ve all been on planes and listened to the stewards telling us about the plane exits. Well now we’ve found out that big yachts need these too, so we set about making it - a luxury yacht first for us.

The name of the yacht and its owners can’t be named for confidentiality reasons, but suffice to say it’s a huge yacht, costing in the £½ million week league to rent if ever you fancy sailing around the Med in glorious sunshine.

Nonetheless, in the event of an emergency, passengers have to know their escape routes, muster points, how to attach a lifejacket, and so on.

We produced an animated safety video with a graphic Captain as the star figure, presenting the rules & procedures in a very pleasing agreeable way to wealthy guests (you can see the Captain in the pic at the top of this page).

The client said “Linda, I just had the video playing on the big screen for guests and crew, all commented on the success of the production. Congrats and thanks!

We used Adobe Illustrator and After Effects, everything in 4K UltraHD, taking about 8 weeks to complete the video. Needless to say, the collaboration was extensive throughout with the yacht’s First Officer regularly phoning or chatting to suggest improvements & ideas, which is always a great way to work.

Did I mention we also produced it in Russian? Of course. Who else owns a luxury yacht in this day and age 🙂