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Accident video production services

Accident video production services
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    Robot cell accident video - Man crushed
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    The Robot Cell story - case study

    Whether someone's just been killed by a robot

    - or people are still being hurt by falling objects or moving vehicles

    - you need to get your workforce's attention and show them the consequences of bad work practice and shortcuts.

    Sometimes it's the only way you'll be believed

    - or make a real impact.

    We can convincingly recreate incidents

    - using actors, 3D animation, interviews, the works!

    Need a price?

    See our Safety prices page for actual project costs of our best-selling video products.

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    We offer a complete end-to-end accident video production service complete with interactive quizzes and tests for validation

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    Accident video production samples






    • script-icon-yellow

      Script, storyboard and creativity

    • video-camera-yellow

      1, 2 or 3 or more days filming onsite

    • promotion-yellow

      Live sound, music and audio production

    • people-yellow

      Staff interviews included


    • editing-yellow

      Full editing and captioning

    • pc-monitor-yellow

      Graphics, captions, animation & post production

    • mortar-board-yellow

      Interactive learning sections with multiple choice questions
    • delivery-truck-yellow

      Delivery as – True 1080 HD video, mp4, wmv, DVD and html5 training multimedia


    Our accident video production services

    Sometimes your workforce don't believe that accidents at work can and do happen.
    Especially when their work involves potentially hazardous operations & processes that many of them have been doing for years without a problem.

    An Accident Drama addresses this complacency by demonstrating to your workforce how easily accidents happen, such as when shifts change, or new temp staff come on board, or any other "change situation" that makes individuals skip the rules they already know.


    The underlying causes may include:

    - Corner-cutting at shift changeover

    - New equipment or people on the team

    - Being distracted by using a mobile phone while on the job

    - Deliberately breaking a rule to fix a “quick problem”

    - General lack of awareness of surroundings

    - Drug use or concealed drink problems

    - Tiredness and stress

    What Studio Rossiter offer

    Facilities & services include:

    - Developing a full blown plot complete with causes, accident and personal consequences, to simply portraying a series of accidents to deadly effect

    - Full script & illustrated storyboard production

    - Arranging stunt scenes that realistically simulate crushing, cuts, falls from height, cumulative RSI, gassing – in fact anything you can think of, we can do it

    - Actors and stunt personnel

    - Make-up artist

    - Specialist props, e.g., sugar glass, spilled liquids, venous or arterial blood, mattresses to fall onto, and more.

    - Multi-camera shoots so the “accident” is filmed from all angles for vivid realism

    - Specialist editing, music & sound fx so the accident and its back-story are utterly convincing

    - Voiceover as required

    - Delivery as web-ready, laptop-ready or DVD video files

    - Foreign language versions, e.g., for an overseas contractor workforce


    We’ve been producing safety accident dramas since the early 90s, either as part of an Induction or safety training video – or as dedicated accident videos.

    We’ve learned how to cost & arrange everything so it’s not ridiculously expensive.

    From simple accidents, falls and bruises to life-threatening crushings, asphyxiation & big cuts or bone breaks, we’ve done it all.

    This means we can sensibly advise you on the practicalities of developing your ideas into powerfully motivating video tools you can use to influence your workforce’s attitudes.

    All the above is supported by our 30 years in business, 11 awards, and extensive training client base in manufacturing, construction, and retail.

    Write and tell us your challenge. We’ll respond with creativity & prices.