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A B2B marketing video strategy to win more customers Hit target and increase brand awareness

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    A B2B video strategy to win more customers
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    As a B2B technology solution marketer, you know you need a bunch of videos to make an impact and sell more in a marketplace that's self-driven by users doing their own research.

    What stops you getting it together - and buying a bunch of videos tomorrow - is knowing:

    - exactly how many videos you need

    - exactly why you need them

    - exactly what each should say

    - and exactly what you're supposed to pay for them.

    A B2B marketing video strategy to win more customers
    3rd Tier - Dirt cheap explainers

    As a technology company, you need a Big Picture of your promotional video requirements for the next 12 months otherwise:

    - you'll be producing video on a knee jerk basis

    - making a few mistakes

    - delivering mixed messages

    - and possibly overspending.

    You'll struggle to reap the advantages a well-oiled multichannel video delivery campaign can bring, such as increased outreach, more traffic, more likes, more shares

    - because all your video efforts will be piecemeal.

    Well look no longer, my friend.

    To follow is an explanation of a complete 3 Tier B2B Marketing Video Strategy you can easily adapt to your own circumstances.

    Everything will quickly start to make sense over the next 5 minutes.

    1st Tier - The 60 second explainer

    This video is the first major contact any buyer or influencer will have with your solution.

    You need one at the top of every landing page.

    It needs to engage by answering buyers’ early funnel questions.

    1st Tier - The 60 second explainer

    It needs to be slick, ie, credible to governments, professional bodies, investors, big contract buyers, market influencers

    - as well as the smaller but-still-important buyers in the chain.

    You’ll spend big bucks to look good, but we’re talking small thousands here, not tens of thousands

    - as this video is only 60 seconds long, maybe 90 seconds at the most.

    Style counts with this video. Like your best suit, you have to look great on first impression.

    It’ll get you to first base

    - where you’ll be taken seriously as a B2B company with your primary offering broadly understood.

    You might already have a video doing this job for you.

    But possibly it sucks, or at least in part, and needs a makeover in the light of greater knowledge.

    Typically this is because your existing video fails to answer the Elephant in the Room.

    ie, the unspoken big objection most newcomers hold against you. That’s why it’s called the Elephant in the Room. It’s always there, everybody knows it, but nobody’s talking about it, least of all you.

    The Elephant in the Room needs dealing with immediately, and put to sleep fast.

    Your 60 second explainer can do this.

    If you’re radically open-minded you'll already know this.

    Decide the level you’re at today, and work from there.

    2nd Tier - Low cost explainers

    The only thing that stops people buying from you is unanswered questions.

    And there are lots of unanswered questions

    - and unresolved doubts.

    Low cost explainer video will answer all these questions for you.

    They’ll satisfy:

    - vertical market questions

    - early adopter and early majority questions

    - and the many questions from buyers who need to know more about what your solution is, what it delivers for them and their segment, and why it’s better than the other guys.

    2nd Tier - Low cost explainers

    In nutshell: Demonstrate conclusively why your proposition is unbeatable.

    Demonstrate conclusively why your proposition is unbeatable

    What’s important is that these 2nd tier videos are outsourced cheaply, so you can afford to buy as many as you need to convince your online researchers - your future customers

    - by answering all their pressing questions faster and better than anyone else in the market.

    And in turn they’ll be able to answer the same questions their colleagues in the next room are asking them.

    This is how you get more leads, more subscriptions, and increase sales and engagement.

    Expect to pay around a grand a minute for outsourced low cost explainer videos, sometimes more, sometimes less.

    3rd Tier - Dirt cheap explainers

    3 tier digital video strategy

    To maintain your video marketing presence and keep customers aware of you

    - and perceive you as a market leader in social video

    - you need to be producing a dirt cheap video blog post or native video every week.

    This is how your outreach will grow. Through video content marketing.

    It’ll deliver regular, relevant traffic to your site and social media pages.

    Lumen5 works here, or similar low cost monthly subscription video production methods.

    You can produce everything in-house yourself. You don’t need to be a tech whiz or a design guru. The software does it all for you using AI or similar.

    By comparison, your 60 second front-of-house explainer, and other low cost explainers, will need to be outsourced to a video company, or at least part-assisted by a professional freelancer.

    Each dirt cheap video will be around 40-60 seconds runtime.

    This is the optimal runtime

    - to answer a key question concisely

    - that you can produce in-house, and not be dull or amateur looking

    - and avoid early Viewer Abandonment, which is the plague of all videos, whatever their cost.

    The exception is dirt cheap webcam customer testimonials, which can be longer if they're really interesting.

    Your weekly dirt cheap video will be for your distribution channels, ie

    - via email

    - your blog pages

    - and every relevant social channel.

    3rd Tier - Dirt cheap explainers

    You can see a video explaining all this here. Look at the first video on the page. It’s a compilation of a 6-part vlog series we produced to explain our marketing manifesto.

    All our new customers or leads are invited to watch it.


    3 tier video strategy to win more customers

    1: If you don’t have a video strategy you’ll get piecemeal results and sooner or later make mistakes, which waste time, money & effort.

    2: If you don’t answer customer questions properly, you won’t get the sale. And you’ll never even know what you've lost.

    3: You must deal quickly with the Elephant-in-the-Room, no matter what the problem may be.


    A Radical 3 Tier Video Strategy comprises:

    1: One slick 60 second explainer video

    2: Many low cost explainer videos. As many as you can afford

    3: Continuous weekly vlog production using in-house dirt cheap methods for multichannel delivery.


    A Radical 3 Tier strategy has three cost levels
    1: Thousands $$$ outsourced
    2: A grand a minute outsourced
    3: Dirt cheap in-house production

    13 B2B Video strategy FAQs

    That’s it. While you’re here, take a look at our Marketing Manifesto and learn what's-in and what’s-out in B2B video.




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