Vlog: The Video Success Formula for SMEs – Bigness, Brevity & Style [VIDEO]


Studio Manager Abe Rossiter discusses the video success formula for SMEs

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Video transcription

Hi, my name’s Abe Rossiter and I’m the studio manager at Studio Rossiter. Today I’m going to talk to you about the video success formula for SMEs.

Now this blog is designed for unlisted companies of any size and it should show you how to successfully project your image on video using three simple concepts. Bigness, brevity and style.

And it’s these three simple concepts that will make the biggest impression on your web visitors, your face to face sales, even your email marketing.

So if you’d allow me to explain a little bit further.

First of all we have bigness.

Bigness matters. Shopper research tells us that if a shopper is faced with two seemingly identical products, there’s no price difference, the shopper always goes for the bigger brand. So we know it’s important to big up your business so that you appear larger than you may actually be.

Now we call this creating a credible illusion. And this is partly done through the use of animated graphics and maps but should all be supported by other production elements that adds up to a strong geographic dimension and lustre.

So for example if your business has national or international coverage, your video would include an animated map that not only showed everywhere where you have offices but also everywhere that you’ve worked. This should also be supported in your script by backing up any claims with hard proof.

So rather than simply saying “We’re big and we’re growing” you follow it up with a fast-to-absorb visual statistic.

So in short bigness comes through animated graphics and maps to portray a geographic dimension and then backing up all your claims with hard proof.

Next we have brevity.

Keeping the video as short as possible is critical. Now this isn’t because a viewer has a short attention span, although they may, this is to avoid what we call dead spots, those ten to fifteen second long clips where it gets a bit boring and the viewer loses engagement.

Now you can avoid this by keeping the script brief yet detailed enough to satisfy.

Lastly we have style.

Everything has to have style nowadays. I was taught this example by an older producer. Ten years ago a cutlery store had two spoons in two different styles. Now if you go to any major supermarket you’ve got 20 different spoons in 20 different styles, so we know how important style is.

So when you’re looking for a video production company you’re looking for a company that can demonstrate style across any industry preferably one similar to your own.

So in summary adopting the bigness, brevity and style approach should never get in the way of your business’ message, it’s just a vehicle to carry it and if done correctly is a sure fire route to differentiate yourself and make the biggest impression.

Thanks very much for watching.

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