8 Point Primer to Foreign Language Productions

5. People in the Picture

8 Point Primer to Foreign Language ProductionsForeign video becomes more complex when people appear in your video speaking on screen.

With a new video, you can simply avoid this problem by sticking to  voiceover and avoiding talking heads, ie, interviewees.

With an existing video, or where you need to show an interview with, say, the CEO, or show a sales drama, you have a variety of options:


  • 8 Point Primer to Foreign Language ProductionsFor an interview, either use subtitles or let the audience hear the first few words of the original, then dip the sound and voiceover a translation. Use whichever technique is preferred for tv news programmes in your target country.

  • For drama: either use subtitles or lip-sync actors’ voices in the new language. Lip-sync is a specialised and expensive procedure. Again, use the technique the local tv audience expects.

  • For a front-of-camera presenter, treat this as an interview or, better still, shoot a new presenter, speaking the new language. There are plenty of foreign presenters and tv reporters working in the UK.

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