8 Point Primer to Foreign Language Productions

7. Distribution

8 Point Primer to Foreign Language ProductionsRemember your overseas audience may have moral and technical issues.

Morally, there may be religious or political problems with your content. Arabs, for example, are not pleased to be shown animal health videos which feature pigs. Check these issues out at an early stage.

Because not all countries have superfast broadfast suitable for online video viewing, you may have to produce DVDs.

Technically,DVDs use different formats depending on the country.

Television and video come in three flavours – PAL (as in the UK), SECAM (France and Russia) and NTSC (USA).

8 Point Primer to Foreign Language ProductionsThis is not a problem with DVD-ROM, as file formats like .WAV for audio and .MP4 for video are universal standards.

It can be a problem with DVD, as this has regional standards, to allow Hollywood to control the distribution of feature films around the world.

Your producer should advise you on any technical issues.

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