Understanding Video Costs

Understanding Video Costs

This update of “Corporate Video Production - A Manager’s Guide” is to help you, the manager or director, understand how creativity and costs are related so you can make informed choices as to:

  • How you’d like to style your next corporate video production to best achieve its business objectives.

  • Obtaining a reasonably accurate guide price for this.

Pre-Production Costs

Video Programme Type & Cost
Video Runtime & Cost
The Importance of the Video Script
What is a Video Storyboard?
Foreign Languages and Corporate Video

Shoot related Costs

Shoot Locations & Cost
Using Actors – their relative value and cost

Post-Production Costs

What is Great Editing?
Voiceover & Corporate Video
The Uses of Graphics & Animation in Corporate Video
The Role of Music in Corporate Video
Delivering your completed video programme

Corporate Video Production – The Next Step

Hopefully this extended update to Corporate Video Production – A Manager’s Guide will help take the mystery out of video costs and prices and quotations.

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