Corporate Video Production

The Brief

Completing a Video Brief:

  • Allows the producer to give you an accurate costing.

  • Informs the scriptwriter so they can come up with creative ideas and meaningful content.
One way to create the brief is to brainstorm the topic with the team you’ve put together in house.

The BriefThe brief is the document in which you set out:

  • Who the video is for

  • What it has to tell them

  • What are the key issues

  • Where/how it will be shown

  • Roughly how long it should be

  • Whether you will need foreign language versions

  • When you need it delivering for roll-out

Unless you have definite ideas, you don’t need to tell the producers the style of production you are expecting.

It’s their job to come up with the creative solutions

- or to develop your suggestions into a fully fledged concept.

Imaginative ideas are more likely to grab the attention of your audience. The predictable is dull.
The Brief
Be sure your brief is written in plain english and is reasonably short.

A good producer will understand it.

Conversely, long briefs are often counterproductive.

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